Thursday, May 28, 2009

Democracy out of the window in Babonneau



Anonymous said...

Why is Virginia throwing all this crap on the residence(sic)of the community of Babonneau? However we are sufficiently intelligent to differentiate between our needs and Virginia's cliche terms. We are realistic and would rather choose democracy!

LuciaBoy said...

That's the modus operandi of both governments in power Virginia.

I am one of the true stalwarts of TRUE DEMOCRACRY. I have been advocating for local government elections for years.

No government has been audacious enough to implement it. The local village and town councils have always been hand picked by cohorts of the ruling regeims.

"Meme bette meme pwelle", Virgie

Keep at it perhaps other well meaning St. Lucians of all political stripes can join you in protest.
That will wipe away a self serving agenda, if there is one, but most importantly place the issue front and center for serious discussion in the aftermath of the present impasse.