Saturday, May 30, 2009

It is a matter of ethics…


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Anonymous said...

Ms. Glasgow.
I agree with your article 200%. You are obviously in a wishful state of mind. The attorneys you are describing do not exist in St Lucia as far as the majority of St Lucians are concerned. However, some of the judges are not without fault either because they allow injustice to prevail.

However, St Lucia would have to rid itself of 90% of the current lawyer population and start fresh with new attorneys. It dose not mean that the remainder of 10% is okay, it is just the lesser corrupted percentage.

On the other hand, I do not believe that it is possible to have a corruption free legal system in St Lucia. The damage has been done for far too long to change the dishonesty spots on most of these thieving and unscrupulous members of this chaotic and freemason society.

This is absolutely devastating to those of us who love and promote this country and sometimes having to mount legal war against it because of so much corruption within the law.

Ms .Glasgow, you should make sure that every attorney in St Lucia receives a copy of your wishful proposal because it is perfectly written. If other attorneys in St Lucia thought the way you are proposing, St Lucia would revert back to the era of the true “Helen of the west” and paradise for all.

Perhaps enough guilt and remorse might trigger some kind of metamorphosis within the law community and perhaps, just remotely perhaps your vision might become a reality in due time. Old dogs are not able or willing to learn new tricks.

However, future puppies can be trained by public opinion and the compelling enforcement of the law could make this possible. It is time to clean up this cesspool of corruption because far too many St Lucians and others have become victims by its stench.