Thursday, August 30, 2012

“Vive La Woz”-The Legacy of Dame Sesenne Descartes

New Board for Bank of Saint Lucia

Digicel’s TchoTcho Mobile Supports The “Ti Manman Cheri” Programme In The Aftermath Of Tropical Storm Isaac

Construction And Industrial Equipment Ltd Presents “Best Nation Building Calypso” Award To Walleigh

Saint Lucia to Pay Jamaica $27 Million

Pan Moving Forward?

Office Blocks for Vacant Victoria Hospital Buildings?

Volleyball: Middle Player Seminar For St. Lucia

Veterans Footballers All Out To Raise Funds For “Poonsey” On Sunday

Tennis: Meggan, Adriel and Jean Phillip For Tobago Championship

Lucozade And Blue Waters Strike Winning Partnership For Windies Cricket

Let’s Support “Poonsey” like he has supported us

Big win for Valley Soccer under - 18’s


UWP extends get well wishes to government Press Secretary

Unlucky Seven for New Orleans

Trade Unions Hold Workshop

Removing the Political Blindfolds

Castries East 4th Annual Spelling Bee Competition

The Weekend Tragedies

Weekend Suicide

Motion of no Confidence against Grenada’s Prime Minister


ACP Henry: “Positive Leads”

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Introducing The Caribbean Centre for Family and Human Rights (CARIFAM)

Digicel Community Outreach Programme Off To A Great Start

Chairman’s ultimate karaoke competition, fifth week!

23 Students Receive LUCELEC Scholarships

Healing from Sexual & Domestic Violence: The Notion of Self Care, it’s not Selfish -

SLFA: Two More Qualifiers For Super 8

Record Number ForKidznet Summer Camp 2012

27 goals scored in CFC/ ECFH/LUCELEC Summer Football Fiesta


What went wrong? Buckle your seat belts Saint Lucia!

The “Games” Are Not Just For Fun

LPM Statement on Crystal St. Omer’s Murder

Let’s Do The Math (And English)

If I say I cry, I lie!

Deadline Extended to Enroll for World Wide Views on Biodiversity

Browne: End VoilenceAgainst Women And Children

1000 Words


Taxi Operators want protection

St. Lucia Distillers Speaks

SMA Mixed On Stimulus

Rotary Delivers Mobile Counselling Clinic


Monday, August 27, 2012

Re:‘Being Homosexual and Christian’

PURE DOCTRINE: Lies, Liars, Deception, Deceivers, Falsehood

Jesus, the Gospel & the Law

“Faith is the evidence of things not seen” Hebrews 11:1

Island neighbours

First Cabinet Meeting of Sub-District 60B


4th World Releases Tchenbé-La (Hold On)

The “Brown Bag” Personal Development Seminars

“Mara Deligny of The Cell receives Highest Award for Achievement”

Local Auto Dealer Donates New Truck To The Salvation Army

LIME Facebook Treasure Hunt Winners Receive Prizes

LIME Customer Wins Sony 40” TV

Heineken Green Synergy Semi-Finals This Sunday

Digicel’s John Barnes and Special Needs Kids Play Football

SLYBT Business Plan Preparation Training

Record number of students complete ACCA exams

Let’s Talk Labour

Harris Paints Delivers Record Performance During Its Recent ISO Recertification Audit

First Citizens Market Watch

ECFH Financially Speaking

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Volleyball: BOSL / Guy Brown Memorial Double Header This Weekend

Veterans Football Organizers to Unveil Plans Today

SLFA: Crucial Super League Action Today

Bodybuilding Judging Seminar This Weekend


Why Community Policing is the Best Way Forward

What a Wick: the last 7 days in 15 (18th to 24th August 2012)

The second interview

Fit4Life – The New Year Revolution cont’d

Emancipation Message 2012

WIRSPA Statement Re USVI and Puerto Rico Rum Subsidies

Spirituality versus the Spirit World

Rum threat looming larger

ROAD TO Rio de Janeiro … 2016

OECS First Parliament

Inaugural Address- President of the Saint Lucia National Youth Council August 19, 2012

Has Equador overstepped its foreign policy?

Demanding and Depending while Waiting for Salvation!

Caribbean Sickle Cell Conference

1000 Words

A much needed choice and better service delivery


Gov’t Eyes Price Gouging

11 GTM Scholarships

Monday, August 20, 2012

PURE DOCTRINE:Lies, Liars, Deception, Deceivers, Falsehood

Justification by Faith & Works

Initial considerations regarding the elimination of the extremes of poverty and wealth

Faith: “Faith is the evidence of things not seen” Hebrews 11:1

The world’s best airport pre-boarding experience

Island Neighbours


Anthony Redd Fashion House In The Ozone

Is Proofreading a Dying Art?

Is Proofreading a Dying Art?

St. Lucia Distillers Environmentally Conscious Through Recycling Programme

Major Support for Young Mentors Programme

ECFH Supports Youth & the Environment

Digicel And Pinehill Get Ready To Funwalk!

Chairman’s Ultimate Karaoke Competition, Fourth Week!

Veterans Football 2012

SLFA: 7 Matches Scheduled In Inter-District Super League Today

Record Number For Pinehill Walk On Sunday

Iron and Steel Challenge

Former England Int’l John Barnes Selects Three St. Lucians


YES Training Programme

Focus on Services Feature

Market Watch

ECMC Welcomes Kohan

Daily Markets Wrap Up – Friday, August 17th, 2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Veterans Football 2012

SLFA: 7 Matches Scheduled In Inter-District Super League Today

Record Number For Pinehill Walk On Sunday

Record Number For Pinehill Walk On Sunday

Iron and Steel Challenge

Former England Int’l John Barnes Selects Three St. Lucians


Is Proofreading a Dying Art?

World Wide Views on Biodiversity: Your Chance to shape your future!

Workshops Explore Spirituality, Sexuality and Stigma

What a Wick: the last 7 days in 15 (11th to 17th August 2012)

Welcome Message To Incoming Open Campus Students from Vice Chancellor E. Nigel Harris

VBCC on 50 into the future with a purpose………..

The perfect interview

The Challenges and Implications of Squatting for National Security

Taking real lessons learned from Caribbean fisheries to advance best practices

Pine Hill Fun Walk Here Again

Not being defined by the past

Mainstreaming Saint Lucia’s National Plan of Action through a North West Coast Water Quality Demonstration Project

Khephra Lord And Nicole Felix Rule As Mr. And Ms Drug Free 2012.

Keys to Effective Father-Child Communication

Wholesalers Feel the Squeeze

We should Pray and not faint

This Thing Called Predestination

The French Connection

The E.C.F.H./LUCELEC Youth Soccer Tournament

The Downside of a Dynasty

Society Institutions

Say No to rubber stamps and square pegs in round holes

Revisiting the Biblical “Garden of Eden”

Remembering Tucker


My personal observations

Let’s help others make hay with us while the sun still shines

Haiti Tourism – Pipe Dream or Realistic Prospect

Disregard misleading media report about Caribbean men and bisexuality

A Single Caribbean Sports Academy – Part 2

Tuesday’s House Debate

CSEC Results


Linking Education and Employment

Thursday, August 16, 2012


BOSL Guy Brown League: Spiking Excitement

Administration!!! The cancer affecting Sports Development in St. Lucia (Part 3)

2012 Pinehill Walk,Rain or Shine

SLASPA Hosts Quality Control in Civil Aviation Security Course

Saint Lucia to host 2nd Annual Health &Wellness Retreat

Renowned Vegan Nutritionist Dr.La ThamTo Conduct Seminar Here!

Disaster preparedness – an engineering perspective

We need the truth behind government’s fiscal crisis

VAT Training for the Small Business Sector

OECS Antigua Political Charade

Irate, Ingrate and Inappropriate!

Heineken Green Synergy 2012, Super-weekend!

On a Per Capita Basis, We Ruled the Olympics

Three Locals and One Vincentian Caught with 200lbs of Marijuana

Parliamentarian Withdraws Comments


Man Found Dead at Residence

A Rochamel/Black Bay Comparison

Daily Markets Wrap Up –Friday, August 10th, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

VSADC Youth Academy Summer Series Tour Kicks Off

St.Lucia To Host 2nd Winlot T20

Regional Women’s Twenty20 Tournament – 5th round

Micoud wins of 2012 Digicel Junior Soccerama


Golf: OECS pulls ahead in final holes, wins first ever Hoerman Cup

Goals Galore in SLFA Super League Football

Administration!!! The Cancer Affecting Sports Development In St. Lucia (PART 2)

The Caribbean Mentorship Institute Inc. has opened a branch in St. Lucia

Still Waiting for Compensation

‘Proudly Celebrating Jamaica 50’


Parents Push for the Return of Nursing Students from Cuba

Health Information Systems training ongoing for the delivery of ultra modern health care

Very Annoying Tax

Of Size and Sexercise!

Four Cuban Scholarships

Distortion in the Saint Lucian economy

Several tangible benefits to be derived by Saint Lucia and Saint Lucians !

1000 Words

LUCELEC’s Dismissal of Andrea Vidal


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Walter Emmanuel Sets Eyes On WICB Level 3 Certification

Volleyball: Joseph Clercent And Julian Biscette Back Home

SLFA Super League Continues This Weekend


Windjammer Landing 1st Annual Spelling Bee Competition

What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 (4th to 10th August 2012)

Watermelon Demonstration

Top ten tips to getting your CV right

The Police are making a difference in the community of Micoud and its environs

The Non State Actors panel – A year in review

Special Programmes: Meeting Needs For New Careers

Historical Hindsight

Fit4Life – The New Year Revolution cont’d

88 Acres for New UWI Campus in Grenada

Can Children Be Raised Without the Fear of God?

Word-out from the NYC

Ugliness is in the eyes of th Beholder

The dark side of Supremacy

Some Vacation Reflections

Single Caribbean Sports Academy to ensure future World Champions

Can Children Be Raised Without the Fear of God?

An Apology…and A Lesson

Depending on Government


SMILES for Single Mothers

Dismissed on religious Grounds?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Camps can change lives

Board of Directors for SLDHA

Women’s football given Com-Unity lift in St. Lucia


SLAA/PVS Tagged With Peter Dvorak For 1 Day Pole Vault Clinic

Administration!! The Cancer of Sports Development in St. Lucia (Part 1)

Ubaldus Raymond and the Dennery Shooting

Emancipation was neither Liberation, nor Redemption!


1000 Words

THE UN SECRETARY-GENERAL Message on International Youth Day


Accident at Talvan has left two persons nursing serious injuries

Accident at Talvan has left two persons nursing serious injuries

VAT REGISTRATION is FREE, so if you qualify be sure to register today

ECFH Connects Customers with Financial Power

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Swimmer finds the going tough at London 2012

Referee / Assistant Referee Leo Clarke and Nigel Mathurin Off to St.Vincent


Grenada Wins 2012 Windward Islands School Track and Field Championship

Golf: Jonathan Bruce and Charlotte Betts Rule

What a Wick: the last days in 17 (28th July to 3rd August 2012)

Vision Problems of Preschool Children

UWI to Confer Twenty (20) Honorary Doctorates

UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign proclaims every 25th of the month as Orange Day & launches its UNiTE Ribbon as a symbol of ending violence against women and girls!

Top Ten Ways to Teach Values to Your Children

The Notorious Road Median

Taking real lessons learned from Caribbean fisheries to advance best practices

Obesity Rates Have Doubled in 30 Years World Wide

Justus heads South for Community Concerts

“Junior Minister for Tourism officially meets Minister for Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries

A conversation with the Treasurer of Lincoln’s Inn: the Rt Hon Dame Janet Smith, Part 2

To Friends of the NGC Bocas Lit Fest,

The Pediatric Club In Saint Lucia!

The “Holy” Bible

Stand Up Against Sexual Abuse

Revisiting the economic status of the World

Labouring with Labour

Jesus can buy anyone lunch

Holding up a Torch for Life: regulating weapons

Effecting more convenient air transportation services in the Eastern Caribbean

Are we producing podium material?

Better Safe than Sorry


Dr. Ubaldus Raymond resigns from Senate

Dr. Ubaldus Raymond resigns from Senate