Monday, December 20, 2010

A 2010 review of Senator Allen Chastanet



Anonymous said...

Not a bad article, obviously a fan of the man. I find it interesting while the writer chose to specify his good points she failed to mention his hiring of his first Direcctor of Tourism under less than satisfactory explanation, on a massive consultant fee. His treatment of maria Farwell at the Tourist Board. Yes we the voting public of Soufiere will decide his fate not outsiders.

Anonymous said...

Unless this newspaper begins to publish balance articles I will cease reading it.

Anonymous said...

Between Chastanet and Richard Frederick I don't know who is worse. We can just say that this was a paid advertisment and finish with that!! These fellas have no shame.

Anonymous said...

Unless this newspaper begins to publish balance articles I will cease reading it.

If you stop reading the STAR and now the Voice --where will you go to next to read the articles that are favourable to SLP. LOL. The Mirror? Behave yourself and stop being childish.

AC said...

What's imbalanced about The Voice? It's clearly labeled letters & "opinion" so what exactly is the issue? If you don't agree fine, but like the previous poster stated stop acting like a child because u see something you don't like. What about Earl Bousquet's blatantly SLP friendly articles all over this same website? Is he balanced?

Anonymous said...

Everywhere when a disaster strikes, it normally acts in favour of the incumbent government. Any return to the pre-disaster circumstances is regarded as an improvement and that the government is working. The current situation is not at all different to what has happened elsewhere.

As an opinion piece, it may not be anything other than a paid exercise in public relations.

The wise among us know that Chastenet has the funds to do a marvelous PR job for his election campaign, which the hurricane interrupted.

Little wonder the pouring of money into the HEPPLE BLACK HOLE was not even intelligently glossed over. It was rather very strangely totally IGNORED.

Only the ignorant, uneducated, unsophisticated, and the dumb will entertain this lopsided Jukebois-style of opinion column.

Some of us KNOW country-bookie style journalism when we see it.

LuciaBoy said...

In the period approaching the elections we will be seeing a lot more such articles by ghost writers extolling the virtues, the unmatched expertise in Tourism, etc. of "The Chosen One", - T-Chas.

The ghost was able to mention in detail the "achievements" of the "Tourism Wonderboy" but just glossed over the supposed mistakes. Perhaps i can help her in this regard.

Indeed the appointment of Mr. Whipple was a huge error in judgement and questions surrounding that appointment still loom large. His placing his stamp of approval on the firing of the SOUFRIERE tour guides speaks volumes of the "love" for these residents who were deprived of their livelihood in a recession.
His perjurious testimony in the Tuxedo trial says a lot of his character, his integrity, and ethics and moral compass.
I could go on but I will stop here in the interest of brevity.

The writer would like for Kenny to back off the "Chosen One" or limit his criticism of him to non-tourism matters because he is not an expert in tourism like T-Chas . Hogwash I say. All the criticism that has been leveled at the Minister has been warranted and on point. The praises being showered on the Minister is certainly overblown in relation to his lacklustre performance.
That is a typical St. Lucian character trait we prematurely praise mediocrity which causes stunted growth in the performance of the individuals to such praise is directed.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Allen Chastanet represents the special interest, the family class, foreign interest groups and their balance sheet.

The imposition of Mr. Allen Chastanet in the Electorial District of Soufriere has ignited the Socialist Conservative and confirm our very concerns of entitlement, and aristocracy which alludes to Soufriere’s historical monarchy and the return of authoritarian rule.

The sovereign people of Soufriere will continue to be resolute and in defiance of the top down autocratic tendency of clientelism and power politics of segments of this Government.

We AWAIT PM King to ring the bell.

Anonymous said...



DOUBLE TALK, TRAVEL AND SPEND, That a 2010 review of the minister.

Anonymous said...

King Ali Baba and the UWP conniving crooks, felons, and drug barons. The UWP cabinet is nothing but a den of thieves. No one has any credibility in that group. Even those who call for unity like Jannine Compton to rally behind those conniving UWP crooks are guilty by association.

Bush Negro call the elections. You have nothing to offer but hot air. Time for the UWP to retire.

Armchair Anonymous said...

WOW ... to all the "Anonymous'" ... "typical" St Lucians. All the comments are "snarl", "growl", "grrrrr", etc.

"Typical St. Lucian character trait ..."

Anonymous said...

Poor-jab Sherona, how much of the Taiwanese dollar was given to you to advance the empty vision of the UWP? It's now common perception in St.Lucia that persons who openly applaud the conspicuous incomptencies of the UWP are the ones who directly benefiting from their coffers. Please tread cautiously since the mass of working class individuals are not impressed or convinced that this government should last longer than a second in office--even media personnel (bought at a price) have not been able to dissuade the masses to think like you.