Saturday, November 27, 2010

Community Empowerment and National Mobilization.. More lesson from Tomas….



Anonymous said...

A newspaper cannot continue to present so many grammatical errors to its readers and expect to remain a viable entity for social upliftment. For example, the headline for this article makes no sense at all - ". . . More lesson from Tomas...." There are several grammatical errors in just these few words: the adjective 'more' requires a plural noun, i.e., 'lessons'. The Voice needs an editor responsible for carefully checking these obvious mistakes.
ALL the St Lucian newspapers abound with these disgracefully simple grammatical problems.

Anonymous said...

HAITIAN ART OF VODOO, Mr. Josie? The fact is, there is punishment clearly stated in the BIBLE, disobedience to GOD, brings punishment, that is a curse or curses. Obedience to GOD brings Blessings. Read the Book of Deuteronomy, among others. VOODOO, is a type of religion which worships the DEVIL. Not the GOD who created the Heavens and the Earth, the Sea, and everything beneath it.

It is very well known, that many St. Lucia politicians and St. Lucias engage in that demonic practice, all for achieving what they think could make them happy?

I know very well Mr. Josie, you too know several St. Lucian politicians who sought the demonic services of these Haiti Voodoo practitioners, including those holding the positions of Prime Minister. St. Lucia like Haiti, and anywhere else, like New Orleans in the United States, are getting the punishment, they justly deserve. And mark my words, unless the filth that passes for leadership and Government does not change, corruption, nastiness, filth, drug-trafficking, business by those in high office etc. etc.many more TOMAS' will be unleashed. For far too long, scoundrels like yourself, helped to put St. Lucia, in the state of desrepair, it has become. And I tell you what, unless the FEAR of GOD becomes a part of the daily life of scoundrels like you, in the media, in politics, in the business sector and the churches, be prepared for more TOMAS' and earthquakes.

Like it or not, that is the position. Punishment for those who disobey. You can read for yourself how GOD punished those in many countries who disobeyed, and lived wicked, nasty and evil lives. And the St. Lucian politicians are well known for that, among others.Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Haitian Voodoo Art? What's that Peter Josie?

It is well known in Haiti and elsewhere that St. Lucian politicians including Prime Ministers sought as a matter of business as usual,sought the services of VOODOO practitioners, all in an effort to achieve what they believe could make them happy?

VOODOO is simply a Religion, which worships the DEVIL. And not GOD ALMIGHTY who created the heavens and the earth, mankind, the sea and everything underneath it.

When you disobey God, you get punishment, through curses. You obey you get blessings. Stop being a bloody hypocrite. It is scoundrels like yourself,some in the media, the business sector and politics that has placed St. Lucia in the no-return mode that it is in.

Most ofYou facilitated all the filth, corruption, drug-trafficking etc. etc. for many. many years. Now take what you get. Yes indeed, more earthquakes and TOMAS' are coming. The only thing that can save you all, is the fear of GOD in your hearts, if you are able to do that, and turn your wicked and evil lives, into doing what is good, just and righteous.

Whether you all care to hear it. That's the position. So stop fooling yourselves. Yes, GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL. He allows whatever he wishes. HE IS THE BOSS. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone noticed the filthy mouth of blogger #2? This clearly demonstrates exactly why under 'Tomas,' St Lucia was mostly covered by mud, not water. This is the real symbolic meaning of hurricane Tomas, that is, too many St Lucians have become filthy-minded. This amorality needs to be exorcized from the minds of our people as soon as possible. Indeed! All the islands are in deep moral trouble!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for fixing the mistake and removing that abhorrent stupidity from blogger #2:
"Hope springs eternal"