Thursday, December 9, 2010

Laziness and Lateness - Killers of the Saint Lucian Economy



Anonymous said...

Micah, lateness and laziness has always been a problem within the government sector. That is old news! Can you tackle something we don't already know? Or perhaps you can suggest an effective way to stamp out these problems! You always seem to be beating dead horses. Filling up the Voice just for the sake of taking up space. If you want to discuss issues that have been discussed to death, then be wise enough to make some plausible suggestions will you?

Anonymous said...

The government should definately be setting an example. Ministers and a Prime Miniser who do not show up on time for work or functions is really deplorable.
It shows a lack of respect for the citizens of St. Lucia.
It also shows a lack of credibility and trust.
If one is elected, one should work hard for the people who have voted you in.
St. Lucians need a better standard of living - starting with a minimum wage.
If people have a better standard of living, a decent wage, perhaps there would not be so much dependence on drugs.

LLL said...

Anonymous #1, take a back seat on your comment.
How dare you; I won't be surprise if you are one of those lazy and tardy employees. It's an important issue and one that should be brought up from time to time especially if it is not addressed & corrected; also if it stems from the highest office in the country. In business, every minute that is lost and unaccounted for is money lost. Work out the math and determine how laziness and tardiness affects the economy or even the small businessman.
A disease of the region.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous # 1: lateness and laziness can never be "dead horse" issues so long as Government officials continue to be late and lazy. Micah is raising an issue that strikes at the productivity of our country and its people. Do yo have any plausible suggestions to eliminate these scourges?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the consequences of lateness should be more clearly spelled out. In the case described for the "handing over ceremony of two vessels to the Marine Department of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force".

It should simply have started at the scheduled time, regardless of whom was there.

In the case of employees being late for work, employers can be given the freedom to dock their pay or even fire them, regardless of whether they are members of a union or not. Obviously this should not be abused but it seems that lateness is being viewed as "right" by many people.

Anonymous said...

If the PRIME MINISTER of a country consistently arrives late, as a matter of course? Who else will respect time anywhere. Everyone is doing it. They will tell you. And if you dare on the job to tell an employee they should be early. You are the one with the problem. And don't count on support from either the Permanent Secretary or the Minister. In fact, they will assist in making the employee believe that you are just a trouble-maker. St. Lucia stinks, and that's why its up the shit-street alley.

Everyone is on the TAKE, everyone compromises what is right. Practically everyone is up for sale, and has a price. For a job or promotion on the job, they will do anything. And I mean, anything. I watch them day in, and day out.

Armchair Anonymous said...

BRAVO MICAH ... My opinion to the situation - once the MC of the proceedings is present, they should carry on with the event, regardless if the PM, Minister of So-and-so is absent.

On occasion, I have walked out of events, once the advertised time has passed - or have simply carried on, regardless of who is present/absent.

Time is time.

As for government employees on the clock - for the past few months, I have had numerous occasions to visit a certain government ministry - and NOT ONCE have I seen employees dutifully WORKING. They are usually on the phone conducting their personal business, or sauntering from one desk to another engaged in idle gossip, or showing off garments purchased - I could go on. It is really pathetic to witness. Sometimes, I have to WAIT before someone comes to find out what my business is; or sometimes I have to vie for their attention.

The icing on the cake - their manners and level of communications to customers stink ...