Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Negativity of Political Emotions



Anonymous said...

To the VOICE....we don't like this way of blogging, it's kinda pushing us aside.....undemocratic WE think.

Anonymous said...

I do not agree often with Mr. Chastanet who is an obnoxious individual with too much influence in the political field. He as much as anyone with his crony capitalism and shortsightedness has helped to bring St. Lucia down.

I respect him immensely for his business acumen but he ought to stay out of politics and his writing is also puerile.

Having said that he is spot on in noting the statements by Dr. Anthony in the House of Assembly on Tues day Oct 27th ,2009 when he talked about “drawing the line in the sand”. It was just further proof of the disastrously vindictive and vengeful tenure of Dr. Anthony’s Administrations and shows he has learnt no lessons from his time in Opposition. In fact by his stonewalling on the Rochamel Affair it shows he is as vindictive and narcissistic as ever and now threatens revenge if he should get back into power. During his tenure politics reach the gutter and he clearly intends to keep that trajectory going.

We should also congratulate Allan Chastanet for the amazing job he is doing with increasing airlift into St. Lucia under trying circumstances. JetBlue from New York, BA from London. Keep up the good work Allan and bringing the Cruise Ship Association to St. Lucia is tremendously forward thinking as it places St. Lucia at the forefront of cruise ship owners and managers when developing itineraries.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

It was about time Kenny Anthony draw the lines, Chastanet smart enough to make his own assumptions about what it meant, he want to stretch it to look for violence, it is his party and that of his son which deals with violence, as them where they throw the man locks they cut.

Chastanet should know that the Labour party will not be afraid to bring the fight to flambeau where ever they start it. And ofcourse the superior intellect of the SLP will always have you people calling foul.

You want Kenny to bend for King to jump over that will not happen,and SLP don't want to even jump over King because everybody and their dog doing that.

Chastanet stop your P.Ring because you well know you can't stand these guys. If only Allen would listen to you and get out before it is really too late.

Why you not inviting Fredrick to dinner with your family, he has no table manners