Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An open letter to Dr Kenny Anthony Prime Minister of Saint Lucia


Anonymous said...

good points, regardless of which party proposes them. If someone had the will to implement some of these measures (crime in particular) then the country may improve.

Anonymous said...

When partys are not in power they bring up " moral standards" in politics.
Soon as they in office or have access to public funds all this moral standards are not more valid.
My question Mr.Prudent:
do you think you will be different? LOL

mark laporte said...

HEY LPM...Cerca 1996 then governor of Puerto Rico Pedro Rossello introduced 'la mano dura '= hard hand at the Llorens Torres housing project.I recall that very well.Concrete guard huts were built at all five enterances to this huge project and were manned with heavily armed police and national guard troops.The national guard are made up of soldiers.Their rules of engagement are different to that of police .I know this project.Yearly i enjoy one of my christmas meals there.Lorrens pronounced 'Jorrnes in the idioma franca is a tough place.The aim of the hard hand was to put an end to thedrug/ gang wars and other viloence that was a mode of life there.Mano Dura was discontinued and the regular business continued at the project.yet we are beginning to notice a decrease in crimes of violence there.
Also in one of the main drug centres of the old San Juan,called La Perla,we notice a gradual reduction in violence.i went to LaPerla once.I do not say that I will go ther again. One does not simply waltz into there.(Ok Ok she was black and pretty and she had viagra :) :) so I went.The dealers are finding that they make more money alive than dead.But there is more to that.There is a ground swell of change in the psyche of Puerto Ricans regarding violence.And it is the rank and file people who really want change and it is occuring and are saying enough is enough .
Yearly there is the four day San Sebastian festival in the old san juan which marks the end of the Christmas festivities.This walking room- only -party is centered on Calle San sebastian=san Sebastian street and was held this year from the 16-19 th of Jan. This year. Some people wanted to introduce police searches of everybody who came to the festival,this idea was rejected as unconstiuutional.The festival went without a hitch,no one was shot no one knifed,no one died.Why?BECAUSE PUERTO RICANS REALLY WANTED THE CHANGE.
Witness the revolution against violence at work in the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras campus.
Increase in security has been shown to provide impetus for increased crime.
The draconian measures you suggest to our Prime Minister will not do a thing bring about the change you seek .Drugs are here to stay just like alcohol.The drug trade is very well organised ,very well financed ,very well connected and very well protected globally.Your measures that you put forward raise serious questions as to your motive even if they were to be implemented.I wonder about your perspective.
We have a knack in SLU of castigating our leaders to the extent that it is becoming laughable and no serious meaningful change EVER occurs.We run the risk of wearing out our leaders REGARDLESS OF WHICH PARTY RUNS THE GOVT, and increase the dangers of dictatorial elements who may attempt to take advantage of this St Lucian weakness.
it is for each and ever one of us to take the personal responsibility to educate ourselves and our children and develop the atmosphere which will not allow addictive behaviours to take root and flourish.
i really hope your suggestions are not given the time of day,as additionally,among other points ,they reflect a knee jerk response to what is clearly a national problem in global dimensions and I really hope that St.Lucians really have a deep look at your motives as well as the motives of other pampered individuals desiring the reins of government.
Come to Puerto Rico,visit the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras campus.I canot tell you to visit all seventeen 17 campuses.Have a chat with people,talk to the police ,arrange an interview with the police commissioner,it may be that you will learn a thing or two.But until the time when we as a PEOPLE really WANT THE CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS TO CHANGEI mean really wnat it SO THAT THERE IS A GROUND SWELL GRASS ROOTS PEACEFUL MOVEMENT AS OCCURS IN Puerto Rico....that may be the only time somer positive change begins to occur

Anonymous said...

From Prime Minister Kenny Anthony to Mr. Prudent: Dear Mr. Prudent, when and where can we meet to begin these talks, in Castries or in Brooklyn. Are you willing or able to host and finance these talks? I invite you to put together a Plan of action so that we can begin those talks. How soon can you come down from Brooklyn? I am unable to hold those talks in Brooklyn. I look forward to your plan of action for our discussions. Thank you. Prime Minister Kenny Anthony.