Saturday, October 10, 2009

Break-in at Courts



Zeigy said...

LOL. Guess the remodelling lured the five-finger discount customers.

Hope the new security measures workout for Courts.

Anonymous said...

Obviously robbery is absolutely wrong 24/7/ and 365 a year.

However this European parasite called Courts have been robbing the people of St Lucia blindly for years. Their ridiculous merchandise, incredulous and exorbitant prices and their finance charges are nothing short of loan-sharking and Mafia control ignored by the government of St Lucia. Imagine a reasonably heavy-duty blender from Wal-Mart in Canada costs about $20.00 plus tax. The same blender at Courts will cost a St Lucian consumer along with finance charges about $1000.00 EC dollars in the end. According to my calculations, $1000.00 EC is equivalent to about $400.00 Canadian depending on the exact exchange. Now, that’s greed. Also, do not forget that Customs is not blameless.

However as I said before “robbery is absolutely wrong 24/7/ and 365 a year”


Zeigy said...

They still buy it don't they? Besides easy credit has to be paid for somehow. You think everyone pays in full for the items they purchase? Think of Courts as your local credit union specialising in the sale and delivery of furniture and electronics.


Anonymous said...

Courts - What goes around comes around. Stop robbing the poor people of St Lucia. There should be price control for all items in St Lucia.