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Anonymous said...

Let there be Peace!!!!

Zeigy said...

Wouldn't it be funny if after winning the Nobel Peace Prize Obama decides to expand the war in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

There war was already on, expanded or not, when Obama got the award, therefore the war was not taken into consideration, smart ZEIGY.

Anonymous said...

Few spectacles so clearly show the politicization of life than the surreally silly award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama. The Nobel Prize has long been a reflection of the whims of those who run political correctness. The politicization of peace extends beyond just the Nobel Prize

Many people have noted the total disconnect between Peace Prize winners, like Al Gore and Jimmy Carter, and world peace. Gore, of course, supported our undeclared war against Serbia ten years ago. Before that, Gore supported "Operation Just Cause," the insertion by Clinton of American troops into Haiti to impose our will on that nation's politics. He voted for Operation Desert Storm, but most notably, he pandered his vote on that crucial question based upon how it would help him politically. Gore does not even seem to care about world peace.

The politicization stretches back earlier. Woodrow Wilson, who campaigned in 1916 with the slogan "He kept us out of war," and five months after his re-election, shortly after his inauguration, Wilson asked Congress to declare war on Germany. Wilson, the vile racist bigot who lied to the American people about going into war, won the Nobel Peace Prize. Terrorists like Yasser Arafat, Communist apparatchiks like Michael Gorbachev and Le Duc Tho, have won the Nobel Peace Prize. Willy Brandt, the socialist chancellor of West Germany who left office under a scandal when it was revealed that his closest aide was a Communist spy, won the Nobel Peace Prize. What is the common thread that links Obama, Arafat, Carter, Gorbachev, Tho, Wilson, and Gore? All are planted firmly on the left of the political spectrum.

Anonymous said...

Even when the winner is a truly decent man, like Andrei Sakharov, if the candidate does not support the left, he does not win and if he supports the left then he can win the Peace Prize no matter what. Sakharov, after all, won the Stalin Prize and the Lenin Prize for helping the Soviet Union build an Atomic Bomb and then masterminding the Soviet development of the Hydrogen Bomb. The greatest nuclear explosion in human history, a 25 megaton blast, occurred in 1961 under the guidance of Sakharov. When Sakharov began to worry about the nuclear weapons he built, his attitude was traditionally leftist: he called, specifically, for an end to anti-ballistic defenses. Sakharov opposed building weapons which could make nuclear missiles useless.

Just as revealing are all the people who did not receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Ronald Reagan won the Cold War without firing a shot, the greatest triumph for peace in world history. Pope John Paul II boldly reached out to end the historic distrust between the Catholic Church and Jews; he also showed how passive resistance could work in Poland; he also went around the world preaching peace and love; he also forgave the Moslem who tried to assassinate him. Alexander Solzhenitsyn won the Nobel Prize for Literature, but not for Peace, even though he proved, perhaps more courageously than any man in modern history, that the pen could be mightier than the sword. Konrad Adenauer worked hard for a peaceful Germany at the end of the First World War; he opposed the Nazis and spent time in a concentration camp for that; after the Second World War ended, Adenauer reunited the three western sectors of Germany and reached out to Israel and offered, without being asked, for the Federal Republic of Germany to pay reparations to Israel. None of these magnificent champions of peace won the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Nobel Peace Prize, like the support of Code Pink is based upon ideology and nothing else. So Obama, Gore, Carter, and Wilson have won the Peace Prize, but Reagan, who dedicated his last term in office to ridding the world of nuclear weapons and who actually won a world war without violence, does not. Willy Brandt, a thoroughly unlikable socialist West German chancellor, who left office in scandal, wins the award, while a magnificently noble conservative West German chancellor does not. So two Soviets who buy the rhetoric of the chic left - Gorbachev and Sakharov - win the award, while a much braver and clear voice for peace, Solzhenitsyn, does not?

We should know by now, if we ever needed to know, that the awards, compliments, and honors which the establishment of the world offers is offered only to those who have first paid homage to the ideology of the left. Awards given to communist terrorists, like Le Duc Tho, or anti-Semitic ogres like Jimmy Carter, are no badges of achievement: such awards are evidence of moral surrender.

Zeigy said...

Anonymous wrote:

"There war was already on, expanded or not, when Obama got the award, therefore the war was not taken into consideration, smart ZEIGY."

Listen genius, if you read the article and have been following other sites you would realise that part of the reason Obama was given the award was as a means of encouragement and because of his intentions in bringing about a peaceful global political landscape.

His INTENTIONS. Obama has not accomplished anything concrete as of yet and thus there was very little that would have been taken into consideration when he was being considered mere weeks after his inauguration.

Now I restate my assertions: It would be laugh out loud funny if someone who has been recently awarded a peace prize decides to send more troops into Afghanistan and prolong war there.

Anonymous said...

Let there be PEACE.

Anonymous said...

He is destroying the U.S.
He won because of what he says. Thats all he does is talk. Hasn't done anything yet. We Americans are getting sick of this ass pretty fast. Nobama

Anonymous said...

Well, get out of America.

Anonymous said...

The Nobel quest for mediocrity

It has long been noted that the education system in the United States has rewarded mediocre achievements. Blue ribbons are awarded for non-performance while the achievements of the hard working are downplayed. The same is occurring within our government and society.

The Obama stimulus plan has done nothing to stimulate jobs but it has done plenty to stimulate non-achievement and mediocrity. For decades Europe has embraced a socialist lifestyle where mediocrity became the norm. The very survival of that socialist society has been threatened by the United States markets where mediocrity was deemed unacceptable. Investments into American markets resulted in decreased investments into other world markets. Therefore, a strong American market meant a continuation of a weaker European market. For that reason many Europeans hated America.

It is no secret that influences and finances from outside the United States helped create the Obama presidency; one example being George Soros. It is also no secret that President Obama intends to reshape the United States into the image of Europe. However, Europe has been economically stagnant for decades. Only by the weakening of the United States' economic system can Europe's socialistic and economic stagnation be reduced. The strengthening of Europe's socialistic and economic system can only take place by the weakening of the American system.

The Nobel Peace Prize Committee is an extension of the Norwegian Parliament, which is a foreign government. Last week the politically-controlled Nobel Peace Prize Committee awarded President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize not for his mediocre achievements, but as President Obama acknowledged, for his "call to action". It was an award for decisions yet to be made, otherwise known as a bribe. The more President Obama is "called to action" by outside influences, the strengthening of the European Union will continue at the cost of the United States.

Article 1, Section 9, Paragraph 8 of the United States Constitution prohibits President Obama from accepting any "present, emolument, office, or title of any kind, whatever, from any king, prince or foreign state. The purpose of this restriction is to insure that the actions of anyone who holds office, more importantly the President, are not influenced or controlled by foreign governments. That section of our Constitution had previously elevated the decisions made by the President beyond foreign influences

It does not matter if President Obama intends to donate the prize money to charity, his acceptance of that prize is his acceptance of a bribe from a foreign government or governments whose motives are clear and whose motives President Obama has equally accepted.

The glaring conflict of interest cannot be ignored. While it is Congress who must approve foreign gifts to the President, Congress' silence is deafening. In fact, some members of Congress have proclaimed it unpatriotic and an act of terrorism to criticize and object to the President's "prize". It appears that the Nobel Peace Prize, once a prestigious award, and the office of the Presidency have become one of mediocrity both in their goals and standards.

Anonymous said...

The people who are saying Obama has done nothing and Americans are sick and tired of him, are just allowing the Republicans to confuse them. It took them 8 years for them to destroy America and in less than one year, they want people to believe Obama should fix it. Talking about the stimulus package, how would the U.S.A be today if Obama had allowed most big banks and companies to close down? The stock market had already crashed, now it is on an upward move. Little by little the economy will get better, so before we talk we must do a little thinking. Never allow these silly republicans to think for us, they are only misleading us. The presidency job is not an easy one. I think Obama won the prize for undoing all the tension Bush created in the world, by refusing to talk to his enemies. The work he did in Cuba etc.

Anonymous said...

All your whining and hatred won't change a darn thing. What's done is done so deal with it.

Anonymous said...

I was refering to the one who writes as if there's no tomorrow, the one who hates Obama.

Anonymous said...

"I was refering to the one who writes as if there's no tomorrow, the one who hates Obama."

I agree with you. That blogger should go and vent their outrage on Foxnews.Im sure he/she will come across alot of his fellow companions on that msg board.

Anonymous said...

Typical liberal trash.

A) Do not argue on fact only on the liberal cant that is destroying our black cultures.

B) Forget the facts and concentrate on vilifying the messenger.

C) Nobody HATES Obama. He is just an empty suit, a narcissitic ego who is destroying an exceptional America with his liberal/socialist garbage just as so many of our Caribbean governments and you beleivers in the liberal religeon that has destroyed our black cultures continue to drink the Koolaid even as our children die , our sons kill each other, our girls get pregnant without a stable family just like in Obama's Chicago.

Keep up the good work !

Anonymous said...

Surprise: Some liberals have a sense of shame. It showed up with the farcical award of a Nobel "PC" Prize for the first real PC president in American history: A black guy who tells daily lies with real grace and artistry. Mr. Obama is the very incarnation of PC: He played on his race in beating Hillary Clinton, and at any other time it's been convenient.

When his popularity plunges, as it will soon, the American people will be accused of racism again.

Obama owes his power to PC, just as Hillary does. He has scapegoated the rich, the insurance companies, medical doctors, and other standard enemies of the PC power establishment. The Norwegian PC Committee apparently made its decision in February, when Obama had been in office for a whole two weeks. Norwegian politicians are big on this sort of thing; Scandinavia is rigidly entombed in Political Correctness. It's like Lutheranism for atheists.

But Political Correctness is just an endless series of Leftist lies, of course, and it has turned everything in public life into a lie. It's not just the Nobel Peace Prize that's been trashed. The Pulitzer is now just another PC Prize, along with all the other summits of power the Left has cynically conquered. Larry Summers was fired from Harvard a few years ago for being insufficiently PC. Last week Science magazine had a perfect PC editorial, courtesy of Nobel Laureate Steven Chu; Dr. Chu proclaimed his undying and unscientific faith in global warming, even as real scientists are turning red with embarrassment. Man-made global warming is such an obvious fraud; almost as obvious as the PC Prize for Obama. But NASA, for example, can never bring itself to fire the fraud-peddler in chief, James Hansen. Still, they know, they know what he is.

Last week Saturday Night Life finally found the courage to laugh at the obvious fact that Obama has achieved nothing. He was elected with that understanding. Every liberal pundit knew it. Every American who bothered to search the web could find out the extent of Obama's inexperience, his huge Leftist blind spots, and his general incompetence. Obama was elected because he is the earthly incarnation of PC, and that's why the Nobel Committee did what it did.

Some liberal pundits can no longer deny the obvious. Even Richard Cohen of the Washington Post made an unwonted foray into sanity. But the Left has so much to be ashamed about, they really cannot afford to start questioning themselves now. Liberal pundits would lose their jobs. So they will try to rationalize this super-fraud as soon as they can think of an excuse, and then go back to trashing Sarah Palin's grandson.

But even a brief moment of decency and shame on the Left is unprecedented. They are not very good at honesty and shame, especially when it is justified.

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, a man who has accomplished many real and constructive things in his life, said it well at the United Nations two weeks ago. He was talking about the UN's invitation to Ahmadinejad to address the General Assembly. But his words apply perfectly to the entire transnational political class, which just awarded Obama the PC Prize.

"To those who gave this Holocaust denier a hearing, I say on behalf of my people. ... Have you no shame? Have you no decency?"

The answer came from Obama as he kowtowed to the tyrants again.

Anonymous said...

The VOICE should charge you for throwing so much garbage on this board.

Anonymous said...

"The Voice should charge you for throwing so much garbage on the board."

Typical liberal/socialist empty headed garbage.

Not only does this nitwit NOT want to answer any truths but as a true communist/socialist wants to ban my voice(pun intended) from being heard. This is the same type that silenced the voice of millions in the gulags of Russia and the killing fields of Cambodia.

No refuting of arguments. No answers to move forward. No excuses for 40 years of mendicancy for our people. Just a racist support of a clown because he is half black.

As a conservative American pundit said:

-Yes, yes, peace be upon him, but honestly, did the Nobel folks ever think to check the utter lack of peace in our president's adopted home town, the first place to receive his miracle-touch community organization, aka peace initiatives?
The Nobel nitwits thought Obama's record of past non-performance was as irrelevant as America's press thought it was during the election. But, of course, it's very relevant. Giving the presidency - and the Nobel Peace Prize -- to a man who pursued peace in Chicago and left it in such a mess is akin to giving the CEO job of a major corporation to the guy who couldn't even fix the mail room where he started. It's a Peter Principle nightmare. -

Anonymous said...

Aye, moderator close of this msg board for this column...because this article is being bombarded by a particular blogger who is diagnosed with verbal diahreah.

Zeigy said...

The man is making perfect sense. I never looked at it that way but if Obama was pursuing peace in Chicago but didn't make a dent (I'm thinking of that Derrion Albert kid that got beaten to death) then Obama seems to be racking up an impressive record of non-performance.

But what I think is really happening here is that we are slowly learning the ugly reality of democracy in America: that the majority of Americans have no real power.

65% of Americans want the public option for health care yet their elected officials are telling them hey can't have it. It would be interesting to see where this goes.

Anonymous said...

I eh lying for you up on every blog including the Star. You must be a professional blogger. Anyways you do bring up valid points for constuctive arguments...keep up the work.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how hard it is to swim against the currents of ignorance
(GOP) in America?

Anonymous said...

This article is for all the racists, bigots, Republicans and knuckleheads who continue to post lies and hatred against OBAMA. You all better get used to this new America because it will never go back to the way it was.

Remember South Africa? Well, it will never go back to the way it was either.
I can only imagine the way it felt in 1860 when the other Messiah Abe Lincoln emancipated the country, even though he was a Republican.

Abe Lincoln was an Emperor among a few decent Republicans of the past. Now it is OBAMA's time to change the world and only for the better than anyone in the past or the present can imagine. He did not win the Nobel Prize for the PRESIDENCY he was elected by the people for the people through the “Democratic” process.

I heard absolutely nothing from all of you negative retards when BUSH destroyed America and create chaos around the world for 8 YEARS.

Obama has only just begun his work to restore America, the world and to honour the fundamental rights of all citizens, regardless of race, creed, religion, education or financial status. Just a few months into the incredible job he has done so far, all of you racists, bigots, Republicans and knuckleheads are acting like the inferior maggots you really are by showing you true colours of hatred. Grow up and become civilized, you do not have a choice.


Zeigy said...

Two months after being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Obama is sending 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan. Peace indeed.

Well, this is laugh out loud funny.

Anyway, to be fair to the man, Afghanistan is a breeding ground for terrorism so options need to be exhausted over there before he pulls out. It would be very bad if terrorists did strike the US shortly after troop withdrawals.

Terrorists aren't exactly people you can negotiate with or come to a truce or an agreement with. They are a breed of people who you need to fight into extinction.

They are like a bacteria you need to take antibiotics for long after the symptoms have gone away just to make sure you killed it dead.

In fact if the day ever comes when we kill the last terrorist I recommend we keep on fighting for two weeks more to make sure we kill them dead.