Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Conservationists at sea while our beaches slip away



Zeigy said...

From the article: "If the conservation of our beaches is so important then let’s see and hear some vigorous, continuous and positive action against those who wantonly destroy our beaches especially from those who profess to be the official guardians of the environment."

You failed in that regard when you did nothing to stop the men carting away the coral. These so called guardians of the environment you want to take action won't do a thing if we keep thinking that to stop the wrong going on in our society is someone else's job and not ours.

Was it so hard to call 911 from your cell phone to report a CRIME?

Anonymous said...

Smugglers and most other hotels destroyed all the reefs,coral and sea urchants of all colours, no one said a thing. Why should we let all the hotels benifit from our beaches and waters. Maybe that is the only income they have. Better that than robbing my home.