Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Doh Kill De Culture



lbm said...

We're trying Stan, We're trying!! (The artists that is).

Unfortunately, culture in St Lucia is usually seen as a "chicken and rum fete" - or a "hobby", and not a viable INDUSTRY!! In my opinion, the CDF has not done much to open people's eyes to that fact - not even for themselves. Instead they complain that they have no money, no resources. Money CAN be generated from any kind of artform, it is knowing HOW!! Employ the people who CAN do it!! TRAIN others who have the "fire".

CDF seems to have more SLOOOWW, BIIIG FEET!! It is TIME for a new message, rebirth, FORESIGHT!

Of course, we all know it is easier said than done. *sigh*

finola said...

Well said.

I served on the M&C Fine Arts Committee and on the CDF Board during the latter part of the period you mention and was the Chair of the Visual Arts Committee in 2006, and I'm also a practicing visual artist 'crafter' who's worked in many media and forms, so I know the efforts and struggles from both sides.

I can tell you it was no easy job as an M&C Judge - it's actually refreshing to hear such an unabashed positive report for the M&C FAAC as one of the challenges was facing a fairly constant flow of complaint from artists in all genres who felt the whole thing was elitist and biased and constructive criticism and critique being mistaken for 'crying down'.

But the reality was that a private entity gave a lot, for many years. More than has been given by any other entity I think. And as we can see by taking a look at the others who have at one time or other, been the keepers of this responsibility - to develop the arts, it isn't such an easy job to do.

I'm with you 100% in your call for action. In 2006 we had a visiting judge Voni Roudette from St. Vincent and held a one day 'workshop' which was very positive but poorly promoted. And of course, there was no follow on...that's always a real killer.

I remember seeing workshops with the opera tenor Blaize Pascal - voice training and the dancer - Isaacs - both St. Lucians who'd excelled overseas, so some positive direction had started, but where is it now?

I'm very happy to see people writing about it all. I know I've committed to finally putting my thoughts and experience to paper and putting them out there for whatever good they can contribute - how about it people, what do you all have to say?