Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SLASPA’s Weight


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finola said...

Thanks for adding your thoughts Lyn.

I think what has frustrated most of us is that we have been doing so much to set things right, recognizing and sorting out what went wrong is no small achievement on our part. But we aren't even given a chance to talk, and come up with something that can work for both parties, only put in court and put out. We're too mild mannered and quiet it seems!

Well, I hope some questions are raised by our letters and the Co-op and the arts perhaps are brought back into the focus that their development should be in.

Calling again for voices to speak - creatives and developers, civil servants and private sector - this area is one that should be bringing in the riches to St. Lucia, not being left to languish.

And the doors of the Co-op shop to date still remain shut - none of us have access to our goods on consignment so we can't even get our own property...