Saturday, November 28, 2009

How Will History Judge the Present and Past Prime Minister?



Anonymous said...

Stephenson is our King, long live the King.

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Anonymous said...

Is two years a very long time?

Anonymous said...

No body should read or comment to Springer writing because this guy is A BLATANT LIAR, imagine Springer have the guts say the SLp built only THREE SCHOOLS, i could name more than three off the bat. (1). Babonneau (2). Gros Islet (3). Anse Ger (4). Marigot (5). Ceceron etc, etc Some body name those i forgot, they also built the biggest primary school in St Lucia, the Pearlette louisy school.

Anonymous said...

He meant secondary schools.

Anonymous said...

I know you are not in St lucia, you have not been there for a while and you do not know what is going on in St Lucia, because the five (5) schools i mentioned all are secondary school. Please let people who are informed about St lucia to comment

ixi lixi said...

LoL. I was just about to call Springer a liar myself and state that he ommitted so many other things that Labour accomplished. So let's try to correct a few he clearly and deliberately "forgot."

On the matter of SECONDARY/HIGH schools the Labour Party completely constructed the following:

1. Soufriere Comprehensive (replacing an existing school that was badly damaged in Storm Debbie)
2. Babonneau Secondary
3. Piaye Secondary
4. Anse Ger Secondary
5. Ciceron Secondary (Technical)
6. Vieux Fort Technical
7. Gros Islet Secondary
8. Marigot Secondary

They also expanded the following:
1. Choiseul Secondary
2. Grande Riviere Secondary
3. Bocage Secondary
4. St. Mary's College

He conveniently forgot the massive investments in the following:

New Fire Stations
1. Gros Islet
2. Vieux Fort
3. Dennery
4. Micoud

New Police Stations
1. VF (Southern Divisional HQ)
2. Riche Fond (opened under current Administration)
3. Marchand
4. Anse la Raye
5. Micoud
6. Dennery (opened under current administration I think)

Renovated/Expanded Police Stations
1. Gros Islet
2. Canaries
3. Marigot
4. Choiseul

Let's not forget the accompanying expansion of the Police Service from around 500 to nearly 1000, and expanding of the Fire Service/Accident Response manpower.

Then there's roads:

Primary Roads
1. Castries-Vieux Fort Highway Upgrade(Phases 1 & 2)
2. Complete reconstruction of the Soufriere-VF Highway
3. Castries-Gros Islet Hwy Upgrade (Phase 1 Vigie to Choc)
4. Inner Relief Road

Secondary Roads
1. Grande Riviere - Monier
2. Deglos - Trois Pitons
3. Grande Ravine (Dennery)
4. Derniere Riviere (Dennery)

Tertiary Roads were constructed all over to expand eco-tourism potential. Roads all into Mahaut (Micoud North), Moule-a-Chique, Grace-Belle Vue, all over Choiseul (Le Riche, Mongouge, Delcer, Union Vale, Dugard), in Soufriere (incl. Chateau Belair, Belle Fond), Venus Rd in Anse la Raye, Millet Rd, Barre St Joseph. Roads never paved before in Gros Islet were also done. Of course, there were many more that had to be done but that's the case with scarce resources.

Then there were the Human Resource Development Centres the upgrade of the primary care health centres, the project of which continues under the current administration.

And although there's a lot more infrastructural projects undertaken which we all know about (e.g. New 20" Water Main to Gros Islet, 2 Stadia, new water line to Babonneau, expanded treatment plant at ciceron, flood mitigation works in anse la raye, dennery and castries, castries multi-level car park) it would be remiss of me to point of the numerous regulatory and legal reforms that were abound to improve quality and life and business environment: Saint Lucia led the way in reforming telecommunications in the OECS, opening up the possibility of competitiveness in ICT, water sector reform (now stalled due to politics and corruption), education reform, labour laws, etc etc. Constitutional Reform process began.

This is what I remember off-hand. There's lots more in tourism investment promotion and development, agriculture and other productive sectors but my point is made vis-a-viz what Denys Springer chose to highlight.

Could they have done more and done things better? Of course. Did they make mistakes and found wanting at times (e.g. NCA, Frenwell Rochamel)? Of course. That said, I still think they were altogether better well intentioned and far more competent than the vast number in the current bunch. They are also more likely to bring forward a fresher more enlightened bunch than the current administration.

Anonymous said...

All roads in the Babonneau area that was never paved by the uwp were paved by the SLP.

Zeigy said...

God, should I even bother to read the article? Springer is an embarrassment to students pursuing tertiary education with his pseudo-informative articles.

Anonymous said...

Kenney had 9 years to do it, I think he didn't do enough.

ixi lixi said...

@ Yes, I agree Last Anonymous He should have done more.

He should have raised the water rates by 200% and made WASCO profitable when he had the chance.

He should have introduced the Labour Code and forgotten about the Chamber of Commerce and old businesses who wouldn't and didn't support him anyways.

He should have launched the Constitutional Reform Process in his first term and made the changes by his second term, and not leave it for so late.

He should have taken on Guy Joseph and the minibus drivers and completely reform the Public Transport Sector.

He should have introduced tax reform in the first term, and not listen to the spin doctors at the time. He should have not backed down.

He should have kept his ears more on the ground and not listen so much to the opportunistic "party-in-power"-ites.

He should have ensured that each ministry or group of related ministries had a Press Officer promoting all the work of the various ministries and explaining their relevance.

That said, Kenny is still a 65% in my books, King perhaps 15%, and that's primarily because he's survived this long.

Anonymous said...

Kenny did not do enough in 9 years, but compared to 30 years of the uwp, let us look at the work done.

Anonymous said...

Kenny didn't start the new general hospital. That was started in feb. 2009.

Anonymous said...

The SLP did all the ground work for the new general hospital, they were just waiting for the Chinese to finish the mental hospital to start the general hospital. By now we would have both our hospital fully operational, if was not for that incompetent government we have now.

Anonymous said...

This incompetent government is here to stay, the writing is on the wall.

-The modern Prophet.

Anonymous said...

Of course they remain two more years to stay, who ever repute that.

Anonymous said...

The SLP squandered the public's trust so I don't see them coming back in power for a while.

Anonymous said...

I agree the SLP squandered our trust, but the bottom line is, we now have a government which is 100% worse than then. St lucia was much better under the SLP, so the people are not stupid enough to keep something which is worse. We changed for the better not for the worse.

Anonymous said...

You must be paid really good to blog for the SLP cuz no one should be able to lie like this for free.

Anonymous said...

Point out the lies

Anonymous said...


I have not been able to conclude reading any one of your shameless articles.

Mr. Springer, your "LAP-DOG" antics never stop. Whichever Govt. is in power you shamelessly promote.

Journalism 101 Most important Lesson:

Credibility is key; Disagree and Argue; compare and contrast; for and against both parties; then make your point.

You can learn a thing or two from Claudius Francis.

Both you and Claudius would do well to emulate Jason Sifflet!!!

Anonymous said...

I still believe jason Sifflet is bias. We all know where Claudius is leaning. but i do not know where to put Springer, he is just A DISHONEST LIAR and RIDICULOUS. If springer can say the SLP only built three schools, what will he not say again.