Friday, October 31, 2014

ALL SET FOR TOMORROW U.W.P To Settle Its Leadership


Peter Thomas said...

Sunday marks a critical inflection point for the carcass of Compton's party.

What Alan lacks in authenticity he cannot seem to make up for in other aspects of leadership. He's a below average communicator and too flat footed in his ability to take on a flailing administration. In addition it would be jaring to hear him champion the cause of the malaway.

The young whipper snapper and more articulate Claudius Preville can stake his claim as an economist. But truth be told I have not really heard him on the state of key drivers of economic growth in the country and the measures to improve these lagging drivers.

One thing that could hamper his ability to get all to coalesce around his leadership is his seeming lack of an commanding authoritative presence a prerequisite for maximum leader (that this exactly what the rebellious UWP needs right now). Someone to lay down the law and Alan has that but seems to be using the stick more than the carrot.

Should Preville prevail on Sunday he will have to maneuver his way around the fallen on the battle field and the still standing. He will have to salve bruized and tamp down excessive jubilation and gloating.
He must become the glue to put the pieces back together. He will need all the faith he possess and an exceptional ability of persuasive articulation.

One would hope that his timid public defense of Mr Joseph was exactly what I figured it to be, an appeal to the delegates that he Mr Joseph commands, for their support. Thereafter, he will have a tough call to make as to the future of Mr Joseph as a candidate he must exercise that scrotal audacity. Leaders have to take tough decisions. Alan made one.

It would be interesting to see how Alan reacts should he not be successful at holding on to the reins of the party. Will he still be in politics? Something tells me that he will bow out of elective politics and focus his energies on his business. That would really show him as a recalcitrant privileged "trust-fund baby".

However, if he should win, and do so on the up and up, he would become the legitimate leader of the party as per party rules and constitution. The majority of the UWP delegates would have hedged their bets on being able to ride this carriage all the way to election victory in 2026. It could be sooner as the SLP does not seem to have any answers to the miasma that plagues the country and their ability to self destruct with arrogance and hubris.

Anonymous said...

UPSET comes tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

What did the judge decide?

Anonymous said...

By the Grace of all the gods may the best man for the job win

Charlee Montclair said...

commentator #1 makes an analysis of the candidates in a very neat portfolio but subliminally hints that Mr. Chastnet is what the PARTY needs-AUDACIOUS BALLS to make necessary but unpopular pruning of the Flambeau VINE.

By implication -as our Rigid Colonial past (possible present) attests: The Euro culture is well documented with BATTLE scenario -live & let die Leadership decision functionality. (think swift cool executive function as in a Mortal Kombat landscape.)

The heritage of the Battle of Waterloo is a realistic reference point.

Then the writer juxtaposes this subliminal Saxon Axe wielding ability to that of the African Village community mindedness -as in circular social network- candidate.

This candidate as you stated MUST bring articulation OF THE NEEDS OF THE WHOLE COMMUNITY to new exhilarating heights.

Moreover, he must empower the good spiritual folks to become like Good Samaritans. In much the same way that European abolitionists said yes "I am my brother's keeper".

He must empower the good folks to not only stomach the tough road to economic recovery- he must convey the fact that they partner with him to return national standards of esteem and positive purposeful living to the downtrodden (malaway?).

All socio-economic levels of society MUST commit to a collective national purpose focusing on recovery-rejuvenation-road to economic stabilization.

Its a broad message but Great leadership can articulate its finer focus with requisite alacrity + heart + soul.

The weak part of this comment was BALANCE. His concluding remarks were a dust pan for the incumbent Labor party.

We need to promote fair -open dialogue across party lines in order to galvanize a proactive national spirit.

We the people are the fulcrum in the weighted balancing act of National politics.

The measure of each candidate by the same standards is a democratic process that is cautionary and deliberate at the very least.

St. Lucia deserves a CLEAR dawning of openness, frankness and a LEVEL play field with fairness and protection of human rights. Think of the example politics need to inspire a precocious youth sub-population?

Smokescreens and individual self interests shall keep us in the quagmire of economic malaise.

For my tuppence hapney of intellect- I believe the next leader ought to be a person who can marshal ALL levels of this society to get on up and row with determination;
our longboat of state thru and out of the current dire straits of socio-economic downturn.

Finally, if this is a current photo of Mr. Chastnet-then he has been drilling his personal trainer (gym) and the tie is a fine nostagic nod to fabric designers who lived or drew inspiration from the Seine River. He looks fitter and less "grumpy" to rock his party.

The incumbent also looks good. The joust @ Camelot has a splendid field
May real dialogue that respects all of HELEN-win the day.
Tally-ho ~

Anonymous said...

Plus ca change.

Anonymous said...

Plus ca change!

Anonymous said...

Plus ca change.