Friday, October 24, 2014

Bring Back Bishop’s Body


Son-of-man said...
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Son-of-man said...



I call your attention to the following observation, under the assumption that you are an advocate for "Freedom of the Press, and Speech".

Recently in the United States of America, there has been the implementation of a law requiring a Photo Identification at polling stations in order to cast your ballot. Many advocates of Civil Liberties have accused the Government of attempting to disenfranchise the less affluent members of the citizenry, even calling this requirement a new version of the "Poll Tax" which was used to exclude Black Americans from casting votes.

This Respected News paper, the Voice of Saint Lucia, has implemented a "Poll Tax", requiring its readers to traverse an obstacle course of scribble, before being able to express a viewpoint.

My computer screen is some 24 inches measured diagonally, and I have encountered an increment in difficulty "voting" my viewpoint, and have not attempted to use my phone to express a viewpoint, but imagine magnification to infinity would not make the "poll tax" legible so I can "prove you're not a robot"? are you serious? what am I missing here? Was this your idea, of Guy's?

Which brings me to your concern of the macabre disappearance of Bishop's body by this Christian-of-Satanic people, the USA,( you read it right, Christian-of-Satanic). These are a Jesus people known for their practice of Necrophilia, amputating scalps, and body parts to be kept as trophies, urinating and defiling the corpses of their murdered victims as is being done in Cuba's Gitmo, and Abu-Gharib, while murdering Black citizens leaving them to bleed to death for hours without medical assistance, or chocking them to death for selling cigarettes for fifty cents - yet you repeat the crap, that they have not told you how Bishop's body was eaten by Ronald Regan, and his left-overs fed to pigs, because you never asked? Stop! it's not funny!

Anonymous said...

son-0f-man I agree with the general slant of your contribution. In fact i will go as far to say its a good thing you brought that question control by the Voice. Up to now (although this is second time I will it) I had not looked at it that way.

But i would like to take issue with Earl about his position in the above article. I will start by saying a politician is always a politician and Earl is no exception. If I remember correctly the word making the rounds round St lucia at the time of the Grenada political turmoil Earl and his lot did not support Maurice. He was firmly on the side of those wanted to oust him from office. I don't know if he Earl has undergone a metamorphosis. If he has well ok! If he has not then at least he should keep his mouth shut on this subject.

Anonymous said...

Let the bygones be bygones ...