Friday, October 24, 2014

It’s A Shame!


Son-of-man said...


Is there some kind of widespread cognizant dysfunction in the people reading Lester's article, or are your kind, a tribe of pathological liars?

I hate being the one who seem annoyed at the fraudulent attempts by you brain-damaged tricksters to change the article written about Allen's ignorance, but where in Lester's article did you read he found Chastanet unworthy of leading this island because he was ignorant to the indigenous language, Kweyol? WHERE??

I will have to ask you NOT to continue to insult the readers of this Newspaper. If you are desirous of practicing deception, it would be better accommodated in Hell, and it just so happens I have available one-way tickets at a special discount for reprobates of your persuasion.

However because of your functional illiteracy you can have a free ticket to Hell; Free means there is no charge; and No Charge, means ou pas ne pous peye enyen.

Anonymous said...

Karl Lesporis, people do not have problems with Allen Chastanet not being able to speak Kweyol/Patois - our mother tongue - the problems we have with Chastanet is his deceitful and malicious behaviour when it comes to our mother tongue, etal.

I thank Son-of-Man to put the likes of you straight with facts and logics, not with innuendoes and half truths.

Anonymous said...

S..teven L..ester P..rescott
is the .. S.L.P. so don't be fooled. They have fooled you with EN ROUGE also BETTER DAYS AHEAD and now you are paying for it big time. Watch out they are panicking.