Friday, October 31, 2014

We Deserve Better


Son-of-man said...



I really like Kenny Anthony, but I am constantly endeavoring to solve the riddle of why has the Labor Party contaminated the politics of Saint Lucia with this Foul lunatic Claudius Francis.

I am convinced that this Paranoid Schizophrenic who walks around Castries with Flak Jackets to protect him from assassins hiding in the Boulevard, is a Kokma/nightmare; a bad joke by SLP.

That's the reason I am praying Dr. Preville has something to save us from this Lowlife Claudius Francis.

Anonymous said...

I too share your views Lambert. His attitude reflects very negatively on our country and government. My friends residing in Canada and England think so too. Perhaps his loyalty to his party makes him brave and more silly with his utterings. He thinks somewhat indispensable.

Anonymous said...

He knows he is serving the Prime Minister therefore he thinks he's somewhat indispensable. But in reality he is an embarrassment to all. Perhaps the Prime Minister will, one day soon, realize that his man has been a blight on his administration and on Saint Lucia!