Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chastanet vs Preville


Anonymous said...

The Hon. Steven King must consider himself lucky to have made up his mind in time after much dithering about his membership.
I don't know Mr. Preville but having read about him I would like to say to him, "you are in a much favourable political Party in Lucianna, so cherish it."
I would much rather have him contest the next elections as a UWP candidate
for Castries Central, but I guess they know what they're doing.
We need new blood in both Parties. I can't see sending 80% of any of these politicians to represent St. Lucia in Europe or Nth. America on their own, God help us.
But with a citizen so unsophisticated, they keep electing clown after clown all the time. We need help.


Anonymous said...

To have worked in different positions and country do not say much.
The unanswered questions are: What has he achieved at any individual position?

Son-of-man said...

Ronald McDonald:

You seem to be consistent at one thing, and that is expressing your unhinged reasoning. How in the Universe do you arrive at the answer, that the delegates made the right decision in 2013, by imposing this unschooled and ignorant embarrassment Allen Chastanet upon the face of leadership of the People of St. Lucia?

As if your sanity had not been sufficiently brought into question, you shamelessly introduce us to some other cul-de-sac of of your demented logic. How could you even think your stealthy implication that the removal of Richard Frederick, an individual ELECTED BY THOUSANDS of the Lucian People was an act of courage by the Fraudster Allen? which begs the question, "undesirable" by who? the thousands of Lucians who expressed their approval of Richard at the ballot box, or Allen Chastanet, who felt his father's wealth entitled him to run the Plantation U.W.P. where none had the right to keep an upright posture in his presence, even with his record as a recurring rejected politician and Ignoramus. Then you underscore your defective reason by ending the paragraph with, "WE WILL NEVER KNOW"?? Garcon, are you on some kind of medication?

McDonald, something is seriously deranged, unhinged in your cranium; I think it's called loose marbles - "Chastanet has educated himself"?? Here's a World-class ignoramus, who tells the People of St.Lucia that the American Civil War was fought with England over taxation, and you present this clown as educated?

Look it is stupid of me to convince a madman that I am the sane one so I'm done with you - here's some dry coconuts.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it Has he been a good steward in the affairs of St Lucia, What about him at Air Jamaica Where are our good journalist who will be able to probe into Allen Chastenet as manager Whiles he was tourism minister, At air Jamaica Before the courts, His campaign launching in Soufriere. Our biggest problem is that we are getting surface information which most of the time pass as roro Why we elect dumbies into office is because our people are not being educated enough in that they don't dig for information on their dealings past and present, and most of the time we go by likes or friendship. We have done a disservice to fair Helen over the years. Blame our media,so called journalist in st lucia. When you had a bus driver turn politician and overnight turn millionaire, The former prime minister from house rent to mansion, and many others what does this tell us as a nation.

Son-of-man said...


Michael Chastanet:

Have you ever heard of something called "YOUTUBE"??

It is a site which broadcasts Videos and communiques to an international audience; international means, all over the Planet.

Now Mike, look at what Allen is doing to the image of our Country! Here's the video of your ignorant son, who you were too busy to help with his homework while you amassed silver and gold, making declarations about the American Civil War. Doesn't such public display of profound ignorance make you feel you were somehow an irresponsible and negligent father?


Son-of-man said...



you seem to express disappointment and a sadness, that a Kweyol-speaking Lucian, Dr. Preville is seeking Leadership of the UWP, expressing a preference that the highly qualified and esteem Dr. Preville should fall behind the white Jesus you have been brainwashed into believing is superior to your own Intelligent Black-a-Lucian.

VIRGIL, have you no shame, or is it self-hatred that makes you and Josie imagine that Black People like King and Frederick, and Preville are too Black and Ugly to lead this island of beautiful people of African Accessory.

Why don't you become a priest, where you can serve your White Slave Master and his Naked White God like Linus Clovis, where you can encourage and sanction pedophilia with impunity?

In another few months "Same-sex wedding-bells" will ring for the two of you, but please let the magnificent, intelligent, and accomplished Dr. Preville Lead his people, and get Allen Chastanet to go back to school and learn something at R.C. Boys on Brazil Street.

Son-of-man said...



Thanks for raising these relevant questions.

I often ponder, if Allen Chastanet had made the statements to a better informed and trained pool of reporters, would he have not ended up like Dan Quail running for Vice President of the USA, but became the "JOKE-OF-THE-CAMPAIGN" when he could not spell Potatoes correctly.

Allen is even worse! you stated, "Where are our good journalist who will be able to probe into Allen Chastenet as manager Whiles he was tourism minister, At air Jamaica Before the courts, His campaign launching in Soufriere."

Now, take a listen to buffoonery in this video, where Allen declares the Civil War was fought between England and The USA over taxes:


Anonymous said...

The VIRGIL says.

SOM: as you have written @ 7:52 AM and @ 8:08 AM. that's typically you.
But @ 4:13 AM. is it not true that the Ghost writer is one of your bosses and pay masters? no doubt, you will deny that as expected, but I know.
That boss of yours will never forgive Allen for winning the leadership of the UWP party, and unfairly blaming him for kicking him out of the party.
(as far as I'm concerned, this man should never be accepted as member of any political Party in St. Lucia.)
Ask the president of the Senate, his best friend, he too will agree. LOL.
Have a nice day.

Boujon Guiyave said...

There have been one debacle already - Chass as POLITICAL leader of the UWP. I honestly think his ignorance is a reflection of his disinterestedness in accepting St lucia on its terms. If he was prepared to do so he would have long long ago committed class or race suicide and be totally immersed in the country's culture and history and by extension he would have known the difference between the American Civil War and the American War of Independence. Another great debacle looms: Chass being elected Prime Minister of St. Lucia. Before we even venture into how he may or may not perform in that post what's about how we St. Lucians will be viewed by the outside world? Undoubtedly St Lucia and St. Lucians will be the laughing stock for having someone who doesn't even know the history of the country he is leading. I think that would be very shameful!

Anonymous said...

Boujon Guiyave,

isn't that the truth? imagine Allen, discussing how Global warming will affect small island states? lol we would indeed be the "laughing stock" of the world. But I don't blame Allen for being ambitious and wanting to be the leader of a country. However, the delegates who voted him leader? and his dogs named Leary mutt, and Jeff, that's what scares the hell out of me. I think these delegates are from Haiti and Ezekiel's passport should be checked, these people must be an agents of Baby Doc.

Please observe closely, the treachery of Peter Josie and how he has back peddled away from Allen, realizing that Allen has been exposed as totally bogus.

Anonymous said...

Wow! keep these write-ups coming and we will soon be rid of the Zoo Crapaud that is Son-of-Man.

He cannot debate nor think objectively so he is enraged about any PERSON associated with "thinking." Being Richard Frederick's drug slave, he is afraid his days are numbered whichever way election goes, so he is a mad, mad, mad fowl. The positive to that is Son-of-man is on the brink of extinction, to our relief.
After he lashes out at where I sleep and what my mother eat, he will go down another notch!
Keep the issues coming! Thanks.

Son-of-man said...

What am I going to do with the idiot gone from the Leadership of UWP?

I am having remorse that the intelligent people who exposed Allen as a ninny will leave us without the National Clown of St. Lucia. Who will be my source of laughter? Can there ever be another Allen Chastanet in the Milky Way Galaxy?

With billions of Stars and trillions of planets in our local galaxy, there just might be space aliens, like the ones who came to assassinate Claudius Francis, capable of transforming into another Allen Chastanet, you think? Then there's always a Josie and the other indigenous slime-balls.

Allen please don't join SLP, to team-up with the Paranoid Schizophrenic, Francis? Such a critical mass will incinerate the island; Just leave us alone to solve the real problems facing our Island State, but thanks for the laughs, and remember the World is Square, actually (15.427 miles)(15.43 miles) = area of the Earth, that figure includes Rat Island, so don't travel too far off shore, you might fall off the edge and get eaten by dragons.