Thursday, October 30, 2014

VAT Served No Useful Purpose To St. Lucians


Anonymous said...

Way to go Captain Mike.

Son-of-man said...



It is unquestionable, that the imposition of a 15% Tax/VAT-19, is a staggering blow to the solar plexus for the struggling masses of the Lucian People.

Unfortunately Mike, your known bias to impose your buffoon son Allen upon the people of this island has demolished your credibility to the point that whatever you utter has to be questioned in the wake of your reckless attempt to impose your son, who is nothing short of a gigantic embarrassment to the people of Saint Lucia.

Needless to say, I have been forced to question your role as a "good" parent; Mike, did you ever go over Allen's homework to teach him that a Civil War means, a war fought among the Civilians of a Nation? Instead you encourage Allen to say that the American Civil War was fought with England over Taxes? While you suggest a 5% Sales tax? see the Problem?

Why not be a good father and ask Allen to admit he is mistaken, apologize, and admit he didn't know it was the Boston Tea dumping into the harbor that was associated with the Tea Act in English Parliament, and this might be a start at rehabilitating your credibility and remove the image of a power-hungry Pirate prepared to tell Lucians anything to gain more wealth and power.

Anonymous said...

How can you say that vat serve no purpose in st lucia, I do believe that this is madness, and false First of all St lucia is an independent state How many factories and other things we have to generate income for the island, We had the banana industry now we move into tourism, The countries that used to help they need help also, Now where is the government getting money to maintain the economy of the island, Our health care when you have so many people going to the hospital and are not paying who then foot the burden, Where do they get moneys to countinue to pay the work force, how about maintenance of the island infrastructure, Who has to pay all the loans even those incurred by the last administration. Now why other island had to introduce vat in order to help their economy, such as Grenada 18 percent, Barbados 17.5 percent, Antigua 18 percent, look at St Vincent, St kitts, St maarten, and many other islands are facing hard economic times. Before posting these we need to explore for information and stop misleading the population

Son-of-man said...


Michael Chastanet:

Have you ever heard of something called "YOUTUBE"??

It is a site which broadcasts Videos and communiques to an international audience; international means, all over the Planet.

Now Mike, look at what Allen is doing to the image of our Country! Here's the video of your ignorant son, who you were too busy to help with his homework while you amassed silver and gold, making declarations about the American Civil War. Doesn't such public display of profound ignorance make you feel you were somehow an irresponsible and negligent father?