Friday, October 31, 2014

Why We Need Chastanet Now


Anonymous said...

I don't know either of these two chaps personally, Chastanet or Preville; but I do know that Chastanet has, over the past few years, shown backbone and courage; and the SLP is scared of that. They are rooting for the other guy to win.

Son-of-man said...


"If Allen is elected to lead U.W.P. I will be made Ambassador to the U.N."
Peter Josie

In American Football there is something called the "HAIL MARY PASS"; it is a ball thrown without any reasonable expectation of scoring a touchdown.

This piece of ignorance written by this shyster, is St. Lucia's version of this Hail Mary by Josie. After giving us a lecture on the benefits of praying to dead white men, so-called saints, and worshiping the Naked White man as the God of the Black Lucian, this charlatan shamelessly tells us that the only way to salvation is to allow the arrogant white supremacist Allen along with Miss Daisy to rule over the Lucian people.

I found English language difficult, but the language of Mathematics easier, this was a determining factor in my study of Engineering. However, the first semester of the engineering curriculum included English, World History, Physical Ed, along with Calculus 1, Physics 103.

The point being made here is to attain excellence in the Engineering sciences it was fundamental to learn how to communicate in the spoken language; of course there were an additional six more credits in English necessary to graduate as an Engineer - I have deliberately not mentioned the specific discipline of Engineering - Civil, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical...

Now people, this treacherous and vile Saint Peter Josie, comes to you and says, "I love Allen because he always strives towards excellence". People of St. Lucia, I ask you: If Allen was indeed what the Reptile Josie professes, wouldn't Allen study the Language of Kweyol-100?? wouldn't the ignorant Allen be capable of communicating with all the people in this country? Instead he deceitfully pretends the listening earpiece does not work in Kweyol, only works in English - "speak English this earpiece is not working in Kweyol" LOL ar-wa.

I have often told THE VIRGIL, AND TOM-TOM, that the religion of White Supremacy, White man worship, paralyzes your cognizant abilities. This mental anesthesia is accomplished by referring to any reasonable inquest as "A MYSTERY" - Who is older, God-the-father or God-the-Son?? That's a Mystery my child! Holy Mary Mother of God! How could God have a Mother? That's a Mystery my child! this process is designed to create cognizant dysfunction in the people who pray to dead people to save them from death, even as these Saints lie decomposing/rotting in the graves.

Josie does not stop there, he proceeds to claim that after the excellencies of Dr. Arthur Lewis, and Dr. Derek Walcott, St. Lucians can have nothing less than the excellence of the Scholar Allen Chastanet leading Lucians to excel economically. "Let's put the "BEST MINDS" in pursuit of economic excellence." he says. Then this shyster offers you Allen Chastanet? Why have you Lucians not sprayed this roach Josie with some insecticide Roach spray for insulting our scholars, Dereck and Arthur?

Listen people! they do not get better than Dr. Claudius Preville in the world of Economics.

Let me quote this reprobate Josie, "After Sir Arthur Lewis and Dr. Dereck Walcott, none but Allen Chastanet will do." Am I dreaming? is this some kind of nightmare? The Braying-Ass Allen is the equal of Arthur Lewis??

O judgment! Thou art fled to brutish beasts,
And men have lost their reason. Bear with me.
My heart is in the coffin there with Arthur,
And I must pause till it come back to me. (weeps)

O.K., this selfish traitor who calls your Mothers and daughters, "Black and Uglier", now tells you to vote for the "Nice, white" sweet little perfect Jesus features of Allen Chastanet, and run away from the distinguished "Black Ugiler" Scholar Dr. Cladius Preville, because he does not look like your Sweet Naked Caucasian son-of-God.

Do you see what Devil Worship does to you? take a good look at Rick Wayne, Peter Josie, Jeff Fedee, and Claudius Francis.

Son-of-man said...




Anonymous said...

WHY WE DO NOT WANT OR NEED chastenet AT ALL!!!!!!!!

1. The TUXEDO AFFAIR -- lies, deception, connivance relating to an OECS Appellate Court decision, with a ROGUE political CABINET decision to rob the TREASURY. That is putting the Mongoose AGAIN to be in charge of the chicken cage.

2. Arrogance with the WASTAGE OF TAXPAYERS' hard earned tax money. Giving a consultancy to someone with no results or benefits for Saint Lucia by replacing someone working and doing a good job. A jackass decision: getting less or nothing but paying much more for the asinine stupidity for doing so. Does NOT UNDERSTAND THE fundamental CONCEPT OF THE PRODUCTIVITY OF CAPITAL or MONEY.

3. Paying American Airlines for ferrying EMPTY SEATS TO SAINT LUCIA whilst TRYING TOO HARD TO CONVINCE THOSE WHO ARE NOT STUPID AND LAME-BRAINED PARTY HACKS THAT THIS IS "AIR LIFT". Yet adding insult to injury the UNELECTED arrogant political neophyte, refused to tell the people of Saint Lucia, how much of their tax dollars was being poured into this FINANCIAL BLACK HOLE.

3. Another case of poor judgement of wasting TAXPAYERS' money was on a boxing promotion with NO RETURNS ON INVESTMENT ON THAT DEAL. ANOTHER CONVINCING EXAMPLE of flouting the basic business principle of DOING DUE DILIGENCE. NO BLASTED SENSE OF FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT HERE AGAIN!

4. Unable to rein in the mob LED onto bridge at the opening of the Soufriere bridge, with a full display of IGNORANCE AND the FLOUTING OF PROTOCOL. Very rough at the edges!


6. Has NOT shown any type of cultural sensitivity and cultural affiliation or alignment with the majority population -- neither in his youth -- and worse as a full grown-up. This says a lot about OPPORTUNISTIC BEHAVIOUR. Has not -- UP TO NOW -- seen any need for any of this. But the era of colonial Administrators is long gone. This is OUR FUTURE. We had better be smart about who makes decisions for us, for our children, and our children's children. Hope THAT THIS IS NOT THE BEST ELECTION THAT MONEY CAN BUY.

Anonymous said...

@ 3.49am i do not know the men as well, but from what I've seen of Chastanet, any change would be an improvement. It is a pity his father is not available but then he prefers to control things from the shadows.

Anonymous said...

@3.49am. I do not know these two chaps either, but from what I've seen of Chastanet any change would be an improvement.. His father would be more useful but age has caught up and, anyway, he prefers to wield influence from the shadows.

Son-of-man said...


What were these UWP delegates thinking when they voted to make this international embarrassment Allen Chastanet the possible Prime Minister of St. Lucia?

I fully understand Josie's desperation and his hope his fawning will earn him a bone - some job as a water-boy. I understand and have actually seen Ricky weightlifter grinding his Axe to avenge being fired by Anthony, but what is the motivating factors propelling these UWP delegates?? Money? Sex with white women/men? or are they simply victims of the Inferiority Complex, and would feel they were human if they were led by a Mulatto white supremacist who was taught by his Caucasian family to look down upon the Natives, and never speak Kweyol like them, nor visit and develop friendships with the people in the countryside.

en kokmar, someone translate this for Allen.

Anonymous said...

Suckers....Every one of you all slime balls are afraid of Chas why? You all do not love St.lucia at all I had enough of the SLP we have gone to the dogs with them in power,enough is enough to hell with En Rouge.

Anonymous said...

What do you call another sucker who supervised the leaking of funds indirectly into the pockets of another member of Cabinet? Jesus Christ. For you and other borbolist like you. You shameless goat.

Son-of-man said...


Who is this judge, influenced by Chastanet's wealth to dismiss the challenge to Frederick being illegally overthrow by the "Unelected" Member of Parliament, Allen Chastanet?

This is Kangaroo Law-practice, but Chastanet will be discarded to the trash-bins of Kokmars, before the Cock Crows Christ!

This is papishow! The Next thing, Allen will be running the Government as "Unelected" Prime Minster from the balcony at Government Buildings.

How can an individual, holding no Nationally elected position, dictate how and who is the Parliamentary Leader of the Opposition, while disrupting and nullifying the mandate of the electorate allocated with the Hon. Richard Frederick by the citizens of St. Lucia?

Is this what is hailed as the "beauty" of Democracy? Power to run the Government from the Rum Shops/Car-ba-weys of Bexon, or the Balcony of Government Buildings by one no constituency has elected?? when did the Soufriere Constituency send Allen Chastanet to Parliament? what am I missing here? and some blind men disparage Cuba?

Can the Government of Kenny Anthony enact legislation to criminalize such oppression against the Voters of St. Lucia - No individual, unless being an elected Member of Parliament, can designate titles to an elected M.P. - Kenny can such a law be enacted?

Boujon Guiyave said...

I hate the comparison between John Compton and Allen Chastanet. In all honesty you cannot make that comparison. These two individuals came from totally different backgrounds and as such they have different values. on one hand you Compton who was not born here but embraced our culture to the point that you will have no reason to even think he was not St Lucian. He was everywhere in St Lucia mingling with all - both rich and poor, literate and illiterate, those who spoke English and most of all those who didn't speak the language. Yes he was able to feel the pulse of the country personally. I don't think you say that about chastanet. To the contrary his record so far seem to suggest he is not winner. That he is not only a loser but is dictatorial and arrogant. Such a person is not good for the politics of a progressive St Lucia.

Anonymous said...

Boujon Guiyave

You make a good argument, and only a blind person would not see your point.

Anonymous said...

he is singing for his supper

Anonymous said...

Whatever your comments Chastanet won!

Additionally he won against King.

He got rid of the destructive buffoon Fredericks that John Compton did not want in the party. Compton had wanted Sarah Flood to run Central Castries for the UWP.

The UWP under Chas won the court case against the clown Fredericks.

Now in spite of the constant attacks of the SLP , Chastanet beat Preville.
The divisive UWPs working with the SLP operatives should get the message.
Chas is there to win and he has won all the battles to date.
What do you want.
The vindictive, debt raising , useless manager Kenny Anthony or Chastanet?

Son-of-man said...


Oh, Allah please drown the Devil Worshipers, known as U.W.P.,

November 3, 2014 at 1:36 AM

Wherefore rejoice? What conquest brings he home?

What tributaries follow him to Rome,
To grace in captive bonds his chariot-wheels?

You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things!

What does this pathetic demonstration on the part of the fawning, self-hating Negro Slaves of the UWP reveal, other than how much these worshipers of Caucasians think of their own kind? As the Roman Negro Josie would say, their "BLACK AND UGLIER" worthless selves - concerned with nothing other than the favor of the Naked white God; The same hypocrites who tell the pupils across the country, to emulate the scholastic products of Arthur Lewis and Walcott; then when it comes in the person of Dr. Claudius Preville, they elevate IGNORANCE AND BUFFOONERY as their motto.

Colossians 3:22

Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything you do. Try to please them all the time, not just when they are watching you. Serve them sincerely because of your reverent fear of the Lord.

These slaves of the UWP, have expressed nothing but hatred of the Black people of St. Lucia -

Surah Nooh/Noah
In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

Lo! We sent Noah unto his people (saying): Warn thy people ere the painful doom come unto them. (1)
He said: O my people! Lo! I am a plain warner unto you (2)
(Bidding you): Serve Allah and keep your duty unto Him and obey me, (3)
That He may forgive you somewhat of your sins and respite you to an appointed term. Lo! the term of Allah, when it cometh, cannot be delayed, if ye but knew. (4)
He said: My Lord! Lo! I have called unto my people night and day (5)
But all my calling doth but add to their repugnance; (6)
And lo! whenever I call unto them that Thou mayst pardon them they thrust their fingers in their ears and cover themselves with their garments and persist (in their refusal) and magnify themselves in pride. (7)
And lo! I have called unto them aloud, (8)
And lo! I have made public proclamation unto them, and I have appealed to them in private. (9)
And I have said: Seek pardon of your Lord. Lo! He was ever Forgiving. (10)
He will let loose the sky for you in plenteous rain, (11)
And will help you with wealth and sons, and will assign unto you Gardens and will assign unto you rivers. (12)
What aileth you that ye hope not toward Allah for dignity (13)
When He created you by (divers) stages? (14)
See ye not how Allah hath created seven heavens in harmony, (15)
And hath made the moon a light therein, and made the sun a lamp? (16)
And Allah hath caused you to grow as a growth from the earth, (17)
And afterward He maketh you return thereto, and He will bring you forth again, a (new) forthbringing. (18)
And Allah hath made the earth a wide expanse for you (19)
That ye may thread the valley-ways thereof. (20)
Noah said: My Lord! Lo! they have disobeyed me and followed one whose wealth and children increase him in naught save ruin; (21)
And they have plotted a mighty plot, (22)
And they have said: Forsake not your gods. Forsake not Wadd, nor Suwa', nor Yaghuth and Ya'uq and Nasr. (23)
And they have led many astray, and Thou increasest the wrong-doers in naught save error. (24)
Because of their sins they were drowned, then made to enter a Fire. And they found they had no helpers in place of Allah. (25)
And Noah said: My Lord! Leave not one of the disbelievers in the land. (26)
If Thou shouldst leave them, they will mislead Thy slaves and will beget none save lewd ingrates. (27)
My Lord! Forgive me and my parents and him who entereth my house believing, and believing men and believing women, and increase not the wrong-doers in aught save ruin. (28)

Anonymous said...

Son of man is studying in the white country.

Why not a "muslim" state.

Anonymous said...

Saint Lucians will now have to "watch the paint dry" for a GENUINE leader emerges from any of the existing parties.

I cannot support any of the shysters the ignoramuses in both parties prop up, as they continue to blight the country.

Hope this was not "the best leader that money can buy".

Anonymous said...

Stop the bullshit about the color of the skin! Anyway name me a country of black people with a black leader doing well. Anyway St. Lucia depends for 80% on tourism from non black people. A white leader in St. Lucia will bring more goodwill. Allan is a business man and far better than all lawyers and bullshit talkers in parliament. St. Lucia is going down the drain and unrest will become unsustainable after the tourist season in 2015. Is the government prepared for big riots?No. 90% of foreigners are leaving or want to leave St. Lucia. Bad roads, bad hospitals, sky high prices in the supermarkets. Bad and slow service attitude.

Son-of-man said...



This Ignoramus Allen Chastanet has an attractive force for the La Toc escapees; McDonald, The VIRGIL, Jeff, Josie, Weightlifter Stripper, and now this one at 11:47.

"Stop the bullshit about the color of the skin!" HE SAYS. Then he dives into the Kaka of Self-hating Blacks, "A white leader in St. Lucia will bring more goodwill. Allan is a business man and far better than all lawyers and bullshit talkers in parliament." he says.

Keep drinking this COOLAID and praying to dead people, and the whole Island will become a COLONY/ASYLUM FOR THE INSANE.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Son of Man

Yours comments are too long and boring.
And to preempt your shallow thinking, yes I have read extensively, long before you learn to read in the white man’s country and became brain washed.

Son-of-man said...


And they esteem not Allah as He hath the right to be esteemed, when the whole earth is His handful on the Day of Resurrection, and the heavens are rolled in His right hand. Glorified is He and High Exalted from all that they ascribe as partner (unto Him). (67)
And the trumpet is blown, and all who are in the heavens and all who are in the earth swoon away, save him whom Allah willeth. Then it is blown a second time, and behold them standing waiting! (68)
And the earth shineth with the light of her Lord, and the Book is set up, and the prophets and the witnesses are brought, and it is judged between them with truth, and they are not wronged. (69)
And each soul is paid in full for what it did. And He is best aware of what they do. (70)
And those who disbelieve are driven unto hell in troops till, when they reach it and the gates thereof are opened, and the warders thereof say unto them: Came there not unto you messengers of your own, reciting unto you the revelations of your Lord and warning you of the meeting of this your Day? They say: Yea, verily. But the word of doom of disbelievers is fulfilled. (71)
It is said (unto them): Enter ye the gates of hell to dwell therein. Thus hapless is the journey's end of the scorners. (72)
And those who keep their duty to their Lord are driven unto the Garden in troops till, when they reach it, and the gates thereof are opened, and the warders thereof say unto them: Peace be unto you! Ye are good, so enter ye (the Garden of delight), to dwell therein; (73)
They say: Praise be to Allah, Who hath fulfilled His promise unto us and hath made us inherit the land, sojourning in the Garden where we will! So bounteous is the wage of workers. (74)
And thou (O Muhammad) seest the angels thronging round the Throne, hymning the praises of their Lord. And they are judged aright. And it is said: Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds! (75)

Boujon Guiyave said...

One of the greatest threats to any organisation is often times found not outside but within its own ranks. This is true of the many conflicts we’ve seen and by all accounts it will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Our own history is littered with examples where the majority was betrayed by one or a group of individuals in return for thirty pieces of silver. Anonymous at 11.47pm is such an example. I don’t know you personally (not that I wish to know you) so I will never know if indeed you collected but the views expressed in your contribution is extremely damaging to the “black confidence.”

Your hailing Chastanet as some kind of saviour specifically handpicked by god to save St. Lucia is so offensive. And then see what area you are citing as a possible area of development, tourism? I am sorry to say I am of the view that you mean create a heaven for international paedophiles, pimps and criminals, propagators of other social evils to operate. The idea of building St. Lucia on tourism is a precarious one and I don’t even want to think of that possibility. This is my belief for two reasons: (a) economic success is firmly tied to the economic success and in the good books of the rich world. This means we will feel their slump before them and long they have recovered and; (b) anytime you refuse to do their bidding they can easily hurt you.

Equally the idea of a saviour is being simplistic. This is more so today more than ever. I don’t think John Compton would have come up for such glorious praise had is reign been in the current world economic situation. In his time the economic situation was rather stable. The market for our main produce Bananas was assured, more profitable and much less volatile. It is not like now when farmers don’t freely give away rejects. What takes away from his shine is the fact that there was another group who equally if not happier than the Banana farmers. They are those who had gone abroad to work and who by that time were economically strong enough to build most of the houses being built.
Rather than depend on your white knight people should take their own initiative. The possibilities are and they endless. I am saying it will be easy and returns quickly realised. However I think this is a safe way forward as it guarantees the independence of the country.