Friday, October 24, 2014

An Instrumet Of Thy Peace.... And Love


Son-of-man said...



Why are you traveling along the trajectory, that Homosexual Perversion is something new in in the Catholic Church, when it is common knowledge that the Vatican is run by a cabal of geriatric homosexual perverts?

This man wedding men and women marring women is an abomination that is common practice by the "celibate" misogynist Priest who believe women are more evil and filthy than Lucifer.

In 1614 Japan closed its borders to Caucasian Christians in what was called "sakoku' closed country. The result was more than two centuries of Peace, known as "Taihei". Japan had no army and developed as one of the most enlightened people of that time; 100% of Japanese males were literate.

The American Ayran(white supremacist) professed a Divine right to Christianize Japan; one missionary, Samuel Wells writing, "Japan must be Christianized through force or fear." On July 8, 1853,Commodore Perry sailed into Tokyo Bay with a flee of Warships and under the threat of annihilation forced japan to capitulate. The United States-Japan Treaty of Amity and Commerce was signed on July 29,five years later which laid the ground works of the wars that would follow ending in millions of dead Japanese.

So what Peace your Roman Catholics bring? Guns, Nukes, and more Guns? look I am running out of here, and don't have the time to go into the billions of people of color murdered by your White Christians, but you should stop propagating this Roman Catholic Bulling, and praying to dead people for Peace, or is it for piece?

Charlee Montclair said...

I like the universality of Saint Francis and his monastic foundation. Scholarly discipline abounds in the noble thoughts and works of this altruistic if not morally actualized Pilgrim.
I hoped for a thematic expose from your illustrious opening prayer. The simplicity (as in less is more) of Saint Francis’ devotional stanza wetted my appetite for a ballistic reading with formative trajectory. You are capable of such literary excursion, however, the local ‘Star Wars” political episode beckoned so you expanded to the grandiosity of the RC theological empire.

This is why I like Japanese Garden and residential interior design: Sans bulky sofa sets, sets settees etc. It does inspire their meditative power that sharpens their focus _especially in STEM curriculum domains. Theirs is a culture that thrives on refinement.

By expanding to your faith doctrine you used a telescope where binoculars were preferable. Inevitably you left the stern of your literary “galleon” vulnerable to popular 90mm broadsides from SOM’s streamlined literary “frigate”.

One cannot crusade the mission of Jesus in these modern epoch by association with the “SPANISH INQUISITION” –which was a rear guard strategy to promote the more pagan accessories in the RC Wardrobe. To include the vastness of the RC empire is a nebulous ordeal that is as unfocused as the fog that helped to decimate the great invading Spanish Armada off the coasts of Ireland and England.

PERHAPS streamlined Viking attack ship design instead of wallowing Galleons would’ve helped the Spanish objectives. The English navy did learn from their Nordic cousins. Their streamlined frigates made mincemeat of the armada.

Political writers are like French chefs striving to be a five star Ratatouille.
I have enjoyed balanced lightly seasoned fare at your literary bistro and will continue to visit even if to scent the seasonings.

Anonymous said...

Catholicism, Christianity....all the same bullshit, meant to keep the colored man under the spell of Leviathan!
Josie needs to get his head checked or get his tail whupped!

One of the basic Human Rights...The Right to procreate is what is propagated by homosexual supporters and as long as that Right is being ignored, then there will be no peace. The Catholic Church is the bane of every human's existence. We do not even need to read its history for it is so clear to see. But Josie needs to go make some research. Peace and love my foot.
Nobody is saying that anyone has a right to take the life of anyone and no one had a right to take the life of that young man. It is wrong, but please do not equate the Catholic church and Christianity with Peace and Love. Josie, have you forgotten what they have done and is still doing to our people?

Boujon Guiyave said...

Each and everyone of us know that ever since Christianity was introduced to the African God and his son Jesus are coming. Josie's learning process took place over a meagre few years but the bullshit which informs his premise and which lasted generations upon generations he didn't question. That type myopia angers me in same way homosexuals are fighting for rights to procreate. I say this is a non-issue. As a human being these people have the same right to procreate as Aston "family-man" Barrett. If the manner in which they propose to procreate differs from how Mr Barrett went about procreating then what they are fighting for is a privilege. When you give privileges to one group you create trouble for yourself because all groups start making all types of unreasonable demands.

Son-of-man said...


Josie I found your answer!