Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Articles Based On Propaganda


Anonymous said...

What I would like to know is how much it cost the government to subsidize these airlines. At one point in time I think American was getting over on $1m a year to keep these flights to SLU.

Augute said...

To add to @3:59, tell us to what extent St. Lucia benefit from those empty seats. Not the amount of that came in, how many tourist they brought in. If you are in the know please tell us.I am listening or waiting to read this information. No wounder why you have problem getting your name right from the registry. But it's OK.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, "IN THE KNOW" does not know a bloody thing about the official record of Allen Chastanet during the term he served as a Cabinet Minister in Government.

As a public servant at that time; this man was a blasted disgrace to government. Shameful; a bloody waste of time; incompetent; 'pie-in-the-sky-dreams; wastage of public funds.

And I take this opportunity to challenge this government to make public the millions spent by Chastanet and no return on these investments; nor any positive impact on this country.

So please put the facts out there.

Anonymous said...

So these smart-ass UWP delegates are ready to offer Saint Lucians yet another round of a potentate jackass politician as PM material? Or, is it the vey best jackass PM that money can buy?