Friday, November 7, 2014

Extreme Measures To Save Tourism


Anonymous said...

Well said Mr Joseph - you can see tourism needs protecting, let's hope the ministers will. Keep mugging and harming visitors and eventually the tourism bubble will burst. More needs doing to deter crime.

Anonymous said...

Well said indeed and Monsieur Joseph points us to vision that needs to be implemented ; i.e, if you can shut down for carnival (an EXPENSE for national and city govt with MANY sociological detriments associated with this extravaganza)why not close or restricted zones (with beefed up eyes and ears -constabulary; auxiliary, camera surveillance, tagging registering expensive items etc.

The dream of holistic social immersion of the perceived affluent tourist within the warm ambiance of local communities is DOA. Too many are oblivious of the meaning of "killing the goose that lays the golden egg".

Labadee, Haiti works well for cruising customers because it has in place the vision of exclusive zoning that Mr. Joseph postulates.

The Cayman Islands especially its multicultural sweetness truly understands protecting and relishing the goose and the gander that provide their golden eggs. They are my first choice when I think of a Caribbean vacation with carefree ambiance. As a visitor I notice structure and consistency at all levels of service across their main island.

St Lucia needs to put in place structure / consistent protocols and exclusive zones (regulated and enforced like polar bear mother protecting its cub!

My mom constantly reminded me to be wary of "putting the cart before the horse" and the universal value of common sense".

Malaheuresment, in this post Green Gold economic reincarnation- the proactive and capable place most of their energies on milking the cruise cow but very little foresight on nurturing the ambient climate of "tropical paradise" -even its an idealistic vision of marketing / ad specialists- it is the PRODUCT that tourists are buying into.

Hospitality courses and their certified professionals need to be deputized as national advocates who spearhead community workshops in hamlets , villages towns and city.

Govt media should be mobilized in said efforts.

Tourists have too many location options in this competitive market. The Caribbean is more like a shark tank than the bliss of a sunny protective reef- as in my early carefree years.

Press on Mr. Joseph!