Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Fall of The Wall

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Anonymous said...

How do Cubans feel? How does Fidel feel? How does Dr. Ralph Gonsalves of Saint Vincent feel? He too was another who was trying to convert all his students to adopt Castro's brand of Communism while lecturing at Cave Hill Campus in Barbados. Quite a few swallowed uncritically what was rammed down their throats. They took down, the hook, the line and the sinker.

Massa has not shown that he understands markets and Western markets like the Chinese do. They outperform the US with their capitalist adaptations. Kenny sure bet can learn some from Communist Chinese adaptations too. Your Massa appears to be generally too slow on this kind uptake. It is not his strongest suite like his high-falluttin' law, but just good judgement and common sense.