Monday, November 3, 2014

Cut Away From UWP and SLP, LPM Advises

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Anonymous said...

There are not enough smart people in the population to save Saint Lucia from the convoys of jackasses that contest elections.

This is a true reflection of the level of sophistication of the general population. Perhaps when a much higher percentage of the population would take on university or college degrees this will change positively.

In the meantime, this country will continue to suffer under the control of our ignorant, our shysters, and our many foxes simply jockeying to take control of Treasury. We have already caught some with their hands stuck in the cookie jar.

The Tuxedo Affair only covered one, just one type of financial fraud, endemic in the mindset of the population that has become acceptable to the whole population.

Low expectations of personal conduct and job performance nationwide simply continue to reinforce the downward spiral and political slippery slope. Smart people will be looking to greener pastures abroad. To some sadly, the greener pasture is death as suicide.