Tuesday, November 11, 2014



Anonymous said...

So-o-o-o-o-o-o-? Taxes are up. So what's up with that?

Anonymous said...

I am sure that most St.Lucians are, by now, sick and tired of these number games that are played the SLTB.
Every #$@%&^* month we have to hear how good we are doing in tourism; yet, the country continues to suffer economically. Do us a favor; stop publicizing these %$#@&^* numbers. Maybe it's time to get rid of the SLTB; or have its members clean-up the roadsides to help beautify the island.

Anonymous said...

Supposedly numbers are up and so is crime and what's being done about that - the murders, the delay in court cases and of course the economy! What about the families that cannot have closure! It is soon time to tell the world about the backlog of cases in court and that St Lucia is NOT the place to come to if you value your life.
What would the Tourist Board do then?

Anonymous said...

Only Ti Chas benefits from the numbers game being played up there. His idiotic followers will brag that these numbers are coming in as residuals in the wake of his brilliant promotion efforts of the recent past. As complete dolts, they will fail to see that, just like Compton pushing the dead banana growing industry, Ti Chas was simply favouring his vested interests of bringing tourists in, to a family line of business, hotels.

This has gone unchallenged and ignored. Perhaps such has become quite acceptable.

With such a precedent, a Chastenet UWP-led government will see more tourism promotion and INCENTIVES LIKE TAX CONCESSIONS going to the hotel SECTOR and not the cruise ship sector. We all know of ministerial biases if not clear hostilities towards the latter sector.

Now, to stubbornly refuse to tell the tax-paying public how much ordinary Saint Lucians were paying into this hoax regarding a so-called airlift, in this not too subtle CONFLICT OF INTEREST exercise of driving tourists to related business interests is one thing. To arrogantly claim that the agreed sums paid to American Airlines was a secret is an insult to all thinking Saint Lucians. Accountability and transparency is alien to the nature of politicians in Saint Lucia. These are victims of our national psyche and the condoning of borbolism.

The unprincipled actors in the UWP's last Cabinet no doubt flouted those principles left, right, and centre and moreover, in whichever way they could. An Allen supervised ministry is on record as a poster child for questionable activity, with the OECS Appellate Court's Tuxedo Affair.

UWP robbed vye-key-vye. They are today vying for yet another such grand opportunity, by telegraphing who they want to lead in the next assault.

But clearly Allen wins again. There are not too many reading and thinking Saint Lucians resident on the island. You may very well run very far short of counting those, using all of your own ten fingers. What a shame! What a nation of people who are yet to show the world that they have a moral compass.

Anonymous said...

In my time I have come to realise that if SLTB makes a positive statement like this one SLP people shout hooray while UWP will sing "these numbers mean nothing" and some cynical people will say "so what".

So, tell me what is SLTB to do with information it has?