Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Is It Really All Right In The Morning?


Anonymous said...

This article is a piece of self-opinionated crap. Much more is expected from a seasoned and so-called professional reporter cum columnist. Earl's piece would've made more sense if he'd at least interviewed and quoted people whose names are mentioned, as well as the other significant people. The Voice we love stop feeding readers with Earl's half brain infant opinion. We're tired of it!

Anonymous said...


What's the reason for this tirade? This section is called "LETTERS AND OPINIONS".

See you have offered YOUR OPINION, and I am sure some would think it great, while others would disagree.

Here's something to consider:

"One of the mistakes in the conduct of human life is, to suppose that other men's opinions are to make us happy"

Anonymous said...

Earl, do what you want to do, go where you want to go, say what you want to say, we still live in a democracy, so as long you don't offend anyone keep writing.

If you too intellectual for poor Earl, just let him be, and read somet'ing else. This is a free country.
Phoop if you phooping en he, drink if you drinking oh no, dance if you dancing, y'll. have a good time and see you in the morning.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:45; you expressed your opinion, yet, when some else does the same - expressing their viewpoints and opinions, you find problems with that!

What are you; judge, jury and executioner?

Anonymous said...


This was a fairly balanced piece of political observation and analysis given the current political apathy (robotic allegiance to any party -is not democratic executive functioning nor is it the pathway to continuous political enlightenment).

When we in the diaspora are not privy to live real time proceedings . we count on this type of reporting that shows us the whole stage , reminds us of the main and secondary character roles, an overview of the proceedings and most importantly the writer's opinion of next steps or stimulate our predictive thoughts for future potential scenarios.

Mr. E. Bousquet accomplished his tasks as a prolific writer. He did lead us to the palm shrouded intellectual oasis but did not force us to drink- a hallmark of democratic principle.

He left ample free mind mapping sectors for the readers to execute their own synthesis and evaluative intellectual functions.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:45

you do free thinking readers no justice when you open a response by relegating the writer and readers to the latrine?
Next instead of toilet paper or a cascading flush you pile on your most subjective recommendations- are'nt interviews skewered as in biased with the interviewees own self projections? Then you attack the very vehicle we depend on to do the collective work of reporting for us.

10:45 Your funk nauseates the nose- to high heaven; as in needing a major diaper change from your overnight drink of senna. Henceforth you are quarantined to your cradle :(