Monday, November 3, 2014



Son-of-man said...


The coronation of Allen to overseer the cabal of disgraceful zombies called Delegates, proves that these people are not mentally stable.

These are the same hypocrites whose words are empty. They tell our young people, that if they desire the tools to enhance our country, they should study hard and be the best at what they do through education.

Well people, they do not come any better than Dr. Claudius Preville. So what did these hypocrites do? they selected one of the most ignorant politicians in the Universe - Allen Chastanet, because he looks like God and maybe these Black Slaves will have a White Miss Daisy as their First Lady; does not matter Allen thinks the world is flat, and Dr. Preville has traveled to our neighboring Stars.

Dr. Preville your Nose is not like God's, and your skin too African and not like the Naked Nice pale little Jesus hanging in our bedrooms.

Anonymous said...

@10.06 - YAWN YAWN YAWN. Everyone is bored of your whingeing. Two votes have been held this last year, Chastanet has won them both. It may not translate into election results but it is democratic. How long will we have to tolerate your racist musings.

Go away you peasant, you're just an irritation. We don't want to hear any more of your misconstrued religious mumbo jumbo. Converts like you are always the worst because they need to go the extra mile to prove they are 'true believers'. Therefore rather than live and let live, you have to pick enemies to ingratiate yourself to your mate in the sky.

Boujon Guiyave said...

I cannot agree with you more son-of-man. These delegates are afflicted by a psychological problem where they think their place is being dominated by you name it, the white race. They see that as the natural order of things as a result they cannot deny their masters. You know it: those of a fairer and lighter hew are always favoured over those of darker complexion. Ask them why they voted chastanet and none can give a well reasoned answer. They just can't say no to the white man though he is intellectually suspect. The only two qualities I see he is full of are ignorance and arrogance.

Anonymous said...

It is a disingenuous creature who asserts supremacy of white/black. It's just a question of pigmentation. They are the real bandits who would let you engage in identity politics rather than the battle of ideas. You should not trust anyone who tells you one is better than the other.

Anonymous said...

Yes by gods grace the fight has just began, and Allen we all know that you are gearing up to take that battle to the final stage, this is not about race or colour of skin, this is about every single stlucian who is suffering hardship, because the labour RATS have fail to give the decent people of stlucia bread and butter and a little extra cheese,
They have miss manage the economy and have place thousands in abject poverty We all saw it mothers and father who can't afford school books for they kids and to make matter worse the tax that was implemented on medical where there are people who can't af ford to even eat three squear meals a day young people who have loss a perfect future and end up finding them selfs in drugs come on people wake up this is not want we want for stlucia.
From all of us over here to Mr Allen chastenet carry on that fight and Reid stlucia of this failing goverment and win win it all
We know you can do it thats why we choose you.
God blessing

Anonymous said...

This is not about race, come you bunch if ingrats this is about the economy the civil servants are now about to faceing wage cuts and you all talk about a white guy
Hey he may be white well deep down he is black and he is one of us a born st lucian
And is well educated and has leadership qualities
Its to bad we have a prime mister who knows naything about finance
Labour fat rats gave them self luxuries salaries
Why you all not talking about that uneployment 24% all time high
Here is the picture perfect veiw
Clouds and mist
Taxs on everything
See the veiw clouds and mist
Coroch and rat
Run the town
Perfect veiw
Montains and mist
Miss management of finance
Perfect view
Montains and mist
Lack of vision by the labour fat RATS

Anonymous said...

How could Chastanet built anything when he is so divisive and a destroyer?

Didn't he, and a couple of cohorts, completely destroyed the UWP?

Anonymous said...

You all talking about Allen is white and talking about him being slave master
Went some of you know very well we need the white man because we depend on touristism to drive this economy
What is the whit man in England and America. And Europe decided that they no long want stlucia as tourist desination or to even invest in stlucia
You tell me whats going happen? It means that all those businesses. Will have to close down
So this not about Allen being a white man
Educate your self its about the economy

Anonymous said...

@11.11 AM, son of man does not know he is a boring old zoo crapaud. Don't waste your time on ZORDEE.

Anonymous said...

The Stockholm Syndrome is very evident in Saint Lucia. I am not investing in this country. It is nice to visit as any tourist. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

It is time to give my children real choices in life which includes fleeing Saint Lucia.

Son-of-man said...


You prove one thing by name calling people Toad/crapaud, and that is your sense of reason is defective. Did you know the creature we call "Frog" in Marchand, is really a Toad and not a frog? anyway I will sew the mouth of a frog and leave it by Voyager for you.

Stop trying to establish you arguments by lie-dey-yeh, and dey-zord.

Stop worshiping a naked Caucasian as your God, and remove that cross with the dead Caucasian from around your neck. Stop praying to dead people asking them to save you from death; they could not save themselves and are rotting in the graves.

Allen is a fraudster you can observe my proof in the video below. Aren't you ashamed that you think such a person is the one to lead this island?


Anonymous said...

It no longer matters whether you vote or not in Saint Lucia. The country has neither the talent nor the politicians with the integrity to deliver honest government.

Both sides of the political fence show a defining growing ability to either steal from the Treasury with impunity, or to sink the darn country into a wasteland of poverty, depending on which party wins.

Chastenet has been the midwife to the birth of this twin-headed monster of maladministration and malfeasance with astonishing bad governance. He has not even been voted into power by any constituency. Kenny has his own brand of creating financial blackholes spending money in losing adventures into so-called investments.

Between these two, it is just Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-very-dumb.

Anonymous said...

What i can't understand why is it this political pandits do not make life easyer for poor st lucians
This is why young stlucians get fustrated and end up going into the drugs
There should be organisation in stlucia to help young people funded by government
Its so sad to see young people life going astray
The truth we have been let down by the labour goblins government
We need change some who cares about the people and hear they every cry
And the party that can bring about this change is the united workers party

Anonymous said...

November 5, 2014 at 9:00 AM,

some of your description of the Politicians and Government. Are they that bad?

No Talent

No Political Integrity

Dishonest Government

Thieves sinking the country into a wasteland of poverty.

Bad governance

Unelected M.P.

Financial Black holes

and the list never ends. This people are in Hell but think they're in paradise, man that's a horror movie you just described.

Anonymous said...

$500,000 house with ongoing enhancements, girlfriend and son going to UWI, new jeep and new car for girlfriend – all that on $8,000/month. Lucians watch your bread.

Anonymous said...

11.02 said:'we need change some who cares about the people and hear their every cry!' do you really think Chastanet cares about the people? All the people? Is he not just looking to line his own pockets! He don't give a dam about the people crys really, I would say he will be as Corrupt as hes ever been just like the rest in government etc,etc.

Anonymous said...

I really thought you guys were talking about the US and the UK...where you live off the welfare system, where you can't walk the streets with out being insulted or shot for walking being black. Where you can not live where you want.. Hell, sweet Lucia. Please, stay where you are and keep talking shit.

Anonymous said...

They never at home to listen to you, always in Cuba,in Africa with wife on a Socialist conference and St.lucia Govt. pays, they fly here they fly there, the best hotel, best food & drinks entertainment allowance, the works.
You voted for them, Doctor this Doctor that and you fell for it. You should get a Doctorate in stupidity.

And you know what? who has the wife who is a witch and organizes witches conferences in St. Lucia?
No wonder God have turned his back on St.Lucia and they don't care.

Anonymous said...

Saint Lucians are too greedy for money. Instead of taking an honest view of Allen Chastanet; who CAN NEVER WIN AND BECOME PRIME MINISTER OF THIS COUNTRY; they fall for a few dollars and will sink their country further down the drain.

Saint Lucia must fall till people start dying on the streets like the poorest parts of India; until people learn to be honest with themselves.

Anonymous said...

Saint Lucia is going down deeper in deep doo-doo. And I mean pig's SHIT!

Anonymous said...

What a disgrace. A MONUMENTAL Failure Allen Chastanet?

Anonymous said...

You all zombies are out in full force spitting venom from you all poisonus fangs. Sit on you all broke ass and see if Chas gives a rats ass about you all,day ban in nowa.

Anonymous said...

Does K.A. gives a rat's ass about the people of St.Lucia? with %15 Tax on every thing plus medicine.
No amount of witchcraft by the wife and her friends will help St.Lucia.
You have been made poor, now what is coming is deadly sicknesses by the power of the devil.
Witches have caused you the blight, the Spiritual blindness and you cannot find your way out of the Fog of Hell.

God did not give up on you, it is you who have given up on God. ST. LUCIA NEEDS HELP.

Son-of-man said...

BBC, CNN, and other Western controlled bourgeois, anti-Africa media houses want you to believe that our brothers and sisters in Zambia are delighted, folding their arms, doing nothing about the White man acting as the president of Zambia. But that's not true!!!

Our brothers and sisters have been protesting for some weeks now in places like Lusaka, Ndola, to mention a few. But these delusional media houses will never cover such protests because its against the will of their proprietors!!!

Africans are not some dummies!

All yokes of neo-colonialism must be destroyed!!!

Anonymous said...

SOM - You're such a fool. The man is respected, do your reading on him.