Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why Should We Back?


Anonymous said...

I disagree often with the author but on this he is 100% on the money

"When is the last time you planted a seed / baked the bread". Too many people expect the government to change and then gold to fall from the sky. not enough personal responsibility.

People have all that materialistic stuff shown on TV from the US and want it. But there is not the means locally to afford it, it's a corrupting influence. thieving and dishonesty fill the gap.

There are simply too many people for the work available. The days of big wholesale labour like bananas has gone, never to return. Look at the UK, USA it's the same. Big labour intensive industries gone.

Lucia needs to live small and humble within the bounds of nature. That is the way towards contentment. Keep the population at a steady rate, try and live without the imports of plastic and rubbish food. Protect the environment. More of a focus on education, sport and societal development.

Son-of-man said...


Are you ever able to present a logical argument? Let me quote/paraphrase you here, "The masses are the ones complaining about being underpaid and discriminated against, even though they care nothing about productivity, etc." then a few sentences later you multiply by Zero with, "I agree that many people who are underpaid for their services, have a justified reason to rebel" I hope you understand how you multiplied by zero.

Then Carl you take broadside, about how we complain too much. Carl it was you complaining about women on motor cycles, Bus drivers drinking too many Pitons, too many street fets, people like crabs on Jeremie Street, then it was about the ungrateful children, how ungrateful we are for the roads and schools, and destroying them. We hate Old people, don't care about God, always criticizing other Lucians, and are so selfish, caring only about self.

Carl you have lost your frigging mind, talking about how we like to put people down, while you keep hitting everyone in the head with a bat. lol

Boujon Guiyave said...

Carl you talk a whole of poppycock. Had you speak in general terms you may have made sense for there is a degree of truth in some of the things you said. But the moment you cited the masses as the ones who are never satisfied, you revealed your true colour.

It is only today Carl, in case you didn't hear, that some of the biggest banks in England and America were fined billions for rigging foreign exchange markets. How long is it since we had Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were in the news Carl? Am I to think that you have a fowl's memory and that you have forgotten that masses had nothing to do with their demise? What's about The big banks in England that also went bust, did this have anything to do the masses? Yet it took the masses to bail them out.

What you set out to do is to portray the masses as a burden to society. Looked at objectively you will see these are the most squeezed part of the population in that progressively the distance their wages went decreases. In the general scheme of things they are the only ones unable to determine how much they charge for their labour. Landlords set their rent; lawyers set their rate; shopkeepers set prices; the chicken the sell is saturated with water to make heavier; some of the drinks that under the heading mango juice don't have a drop of mango in it - its all artificial. These practices are all legal. Then to add insult to injury the state comes in with their practices further shafting the masses even with yearly increases in taxes and other rates. Carl if the masses think they are not justly dealt with don't you think they will protest especially if it is their perception other sections of the population are getting away with worst crimes.

Son-of-man said...


Boujon Guiyave

As usual you bring much enlightenment to the discussions in this newspaper. Thanks for your attempt at having Carl examine the whole picture, instead of this myopic assessment of the conditions of the Oppressed "Masses". There is much irony, how critical he is of the oppressed but has given saintly status to the "Masters of the Universe", who are involved with some of the worse atrocities in human history - I reference the numerous Mass Graves being discovered in Mexico even as we address this topic, as the search continues for the students who disappeared after being handed over to the Drug Cartel by the Mayor and Police - now it is self evident that the Government is part of this Criminal enterprise known as the Drug Cartel.

The Banks are the major beneficiaries of the Drug Trade.

Bank of America, Western Union, and JP Morgan, are among the institutions allegedly involved in the drug trade. Meanwhile, HSBC has admitted its laundering role, and evaded criminal prosecution by paying a fine of almost $2 billion. The lack of imprisonment of any bankers involved is indicative of the hypocritical nature of the drug war; an individual selling a few grams of drugs can face decades in prison, while a group of people that tacitly allow -- and profit from -- the trade of tons, escape incarceration.

Again, Boujon Guiyave thanks for the enlightenment, hoping our friend Carl will expand his vision and see the Oppressor and the Oppressed. Carl STOP putting the Mal-ley-wey down, especially the girls with big butts riding motor cycles, lol.

Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of voting for jackass country-bookie backward tiefing politicians

Anonymous said...

This jackass writer is always bar-stooling on the newspaper pages. If some people are tippling they should get some other friggin place else to shoot their confused rumshop crap.