Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bus Driving – ‘A Job From Hell’ Says ‘Mr. President’


Anonymous said...

And Rochelle's love affair with the bus drivers continues. Just can't stay away for long.

KAT-DRIVER. said...

Rochelle IF MR. President is 54yrs. and he been driving the root for over 40yrs.

how old was he when he got a driver's license?
if I am correct one must be 17 and over and to be permitted to drive a Mimi-bus one must be 25 and over and must be driving for over 5yrs.

Rochelle are you taking it there or over next to the bus-stop?

Anonymous said...

Lol, I was thinking the same here, a man at 54, has been driving a mini-bus for over 40 years. (maybe he started driving at 8)

As i have always said most of our news reporters only repeat what is said to them with no investigation. Where is the editor or a proofreader? Don't they read the articles before they print?

Anonymous said...

If the man says he started driving at 8, Who is she to tell him he didn't?