Friday, October 24, 2014

Sir George Charles - ‘Ti Hache’


Anonymous said...

The 'ti hache' may not have been able to cut down the 'Big Tree' but it certainly as able to put a dent in it! Errol and family should be justly proud.

Charlee Montclair said...

Thank you great engineer. Even Bavaria would be proud of your talent. Your writing is so like a smooth running BMW convertible.

The Market steps were my geo center for daily WALKING transit between the Calvary-Darling Roads convergence (first breather from my residence further afield) to my central city primary school; errands to M&C or JQ; movies on Saturday at Clarkes or Gaiety and volunteer time at V Hospital.
Back then the only hot spot in Fulachou Heights -way past the sleepy cemetery was Club Blue Danube.

To read of bullets and turf warfare in a place where only music streamed out in the dark night-on my quiet walks to V-Hospital -is surrealistic.

Thanks again for the research and focus to the important historical COGS. Like that one hit wonder band from LA California; "EXPRESS YOURSELF" -as you do so well for many of us.

The Castries Market is iconic in many ways and for many. For my youthful days it was like a cultural KASBAH. It also had the fervor of a mini Casablanca Central market place where exotic straw rugs and turtle eggs could be had.

By the by did Hon G. Charles have a daughter who drove a Car -as good and with debonair style as any formula 1 enthusiast?

I recall admiring said lady driver as she went by ever so careful past us pedestrian students -down the Darling road "incline"- one of classmates called out ms Charles.

Sweet read and nostalgic awakening, indeed!

Anonymous said...

The land deals were particularly instructive. Funny thing that: the current head of the SLP is so hostile to labour. The party has MOST CERTAINLY lost its way.

Anonymous said...

The 'Ti Hache' may not have cut down the Big Tree but it certainly put a dent in it to our benefit. Errol and Emelda should be justly proud of their daddy!