Saturday, October 11, 2014

Street Fish Sales A Vieux Fort Problem


Anonymous said...

We need facilities to encourage the placement of the catch on ice from the deep (ice boats) and back on ice when the catch is landed. This can extend the value of the catch and even out the demand and sales, if there is a glut on particular days. But this needs more than the usual and very representatively normal political but self-serving claptrap.

Anonymous said...

This is no different from the many vendors lining the streets of Castries.

Not only the fishmongers, but also the vegetable farmers also sell they produce on the streets in Vieux Fort hampering the free movement of pedestrians.

This just shows how we in St Lucia have no respect for the law, it is seen from the common man to the upper class and our leaders.

PS- Really Mr Joshua, Really. You only now know of this situation.When last have you walked the streets of Vieux Fort, Mr Mayor?