Saturday, November 15, 2014

Chastanet Flays Gov’t On Economy


Anonymous said...

give em hell ti chas

Son-of-man said...


What constituency elected Allen Chastanet to instruct the Government what it should do???

Since when this fraudulent Ignoramus became a Member of Parliament?

This Ignorant Looser has accomplished nothing in his lifetime, masquerading as a businessman on his father's accomplishments when he has proven himself to be an abject failure.

Why has this prankster not been arrested for misappropriating the people's funds to buy the Soufriere elections? Instead he is allowed to perform feats of magic upon the parasites of UWP delegates claiming to be Dr.Allen Chastanet, Economist? Is Dr. Preville the man behind the dummy in this ventriloquist act?

Anonymous said...

Two issues here.

Anyone with half a brain knows that Kenny Anthony has been an abysmal failure as a leader and as the Minister of Finance since 1997 with the hiatus of the UWP Administration from 2006-2011.

In fact Chastanet is giving him a lot to say Kenny has been successful for 10% of the time ! The reality is that the only 'success' of Kenny And Tony has been in fooling the people and giving the impression for a period of time that he actually knew what the hell he was doing and giving the people hope for the future. As it is we now know it was all a fraud and he is useless.
The big problem with that is that Lucians nurtured an arrogance as to who they are and what they were capable of doing as a nation, while at the same time being loaded up on rum and marijuana, destroying the stabilizing institution of the family and bleeding the coffers of government dry.

Under the SLP we have become a loud vulgar nation caught up in the sound of our own voices while producing more and more incompetent generations. Hubris is a hell of a thing!

Our public institutions are gutted and staffed by incompetent people who have long lost their way.
Our politicians see politics as a means to dip their hands into the trougth and get as much as possible in 5 years then fools us into giving them another 5 at the helm.

Our debt is now fast approaching $2 billion and Chastanet is correct to ask what is going on because it is apparent that we do not have the money to pay for our extravagance. In fact our interest payments on debt is increasing at a staggering rate as our government bonds are becoming JUNK financial instruments that require higher and higher interest to attract buyers.

We are living on a knife's edge with only Kenny's narcissistic self confidence between us and the ugly reality that is our fiscal and social situation.

The second issue of course is the ability of anyone to take us out of this situation. I do not think anyone here in St. Lucia has the ideological, philosophical or moral foundation to make a difference, though Chastanet maybe the best of the lot.

Neither do I think that there is anyone in St. Lucia with the proven managerial ability, courage or foresight to get us out of this mess.

I can only see things getting worst unless we can find someone with the character traits of a leader in this age to bring us back to prosperity.

Anonymous said...

Sir, @ 3%^ PM.

I have to agree with you 99.5%.
The other 0.5% is when to said, and I quote,
"...a leader in this age to bring us back to prosperity."
When I pray thee, that we were ever in an age of prosperity?
Compton did pull the wool over our eyes a bit, but this one here is not only pissing in our eyes, but has blinded us with his wizardry.

The only way to get out of the "spell" is for a concerted political action, demanding him out of office - NOW.

Anonymous said...

We now learn that our youth unemployment is 40%.
I have the greatest of respect for St Catherine at the statistical dept but with general unemployment at 24% and if we compare ourselves to other nations then our youth unemployment is probably closer to 60%.
We probably class the government handouts of STEP and NICE as 'employment' but that is farsical and I do not know how leaders in this country do not call out Kenny when he passes off this lie.

When he calls $47 million part of his electionairing employment promise when all it is is $47 million more debt with no SUSTAINABLE employment options for St Lucian's I cringe at how we stay silent at this travesty.
Italy with 42% youth unemployment is on the verge of meltdown with the whole EuroZone under pressure yet with at least 50% of our youth unemployed and many unemployable the politicians are just happy that many of them are too stoned on weed and caught up in sex to do anything about their condition.

Better days have really come back to haunt us in this guava season!

Anonymous said...

WE the electors are the the constituency - not a section of land; so Chastanet is pop right elected, and he is capable of ending the reign of drug dealers, murderers and their slaves starting with Richard Frederick.

Well done Chastenet! Go for the ball-less, idiot, crap fishes Kenny an Tony and THROW THEM for robin hood.

Watchword said...

anectt numI could not agree more with the comments. The foolishness which passes for government in Saint Lucia is insulting and cruel to lucians. Kenny and labor DO NOT know what it takes to govern, so why the masquerade continues?

On that subject I expect son of man to write some stupidity about God and slaves and bible believing he will reform anyone to love the two-faced Kenny.
R.I.P son of man, you have lost the battle to a nervous breakdown.

Anonymous said...

We all but I guess is UWP supporters who goes around masquerading as though they love St Lucia, but in fact they do more damages, The question is Is he prime minister Material because trust me he is Phony Now Should we look back at his past record and see what kind of manager was he when he was entrusted with our island resources I would like to see our journalist and media look into information of him as working at Air Jamaica, His Tenure as Minister of Tourism, Was he subordinate to his boss Stevenson King How does he view his cabinet colleage His appearance before the court, His election for the Soufriere seat, I think if they do our people will be more enlightened so as to make wise decision as to whether his prime minister material. Now He Chastenet knows the Economic situation not just in St Lucia but all over the world All he is doing is Preying on the people of st lucia as though he has an answer, But I say again he is fake, Phony a disaster and cannot be trusted, If his father cannot trust him with his own business, Should we trust him with our island Resources. All he does now is Preying on the vulnerable people of fair Helen, Lets not forget their last five years and all the moneys given to them and what did they do with it.

Anonymous said...

At least Chastanet was working! At least he put his survival in his own hands and ability to function and produce in the free enterprise system where failure means starvation.

Kenny Anthony on the other hand have depended all his life on handouts from the St Lucian and Caribbean taxpayer.
Kenny has pushed paper and produced nothing of significance in the CARICOM Secretariat and the Slu government and at UWI.
Typical liberal he has no concept of wealth creation or management of money believing it all comes from some magical source called government.
He does not understand the difference between money and wealth. He thinks that when a government taxes or borrows that he is creating wealth instead of debt and deprivation.
Like a good socialist he has run out of other peoples' money having created almost $2 billion in debt!

His attitude is mirrored in the statements and actions of the like of Pierre, Baptiste and the gap toothed wonder Nadia whose gap seems to extend to between her ears and the understanding of economics.

All they understand is that you bleed government dry and do what you want for political survival and to hell with the people of the state of the country's affairs.

At least Chastanet has a different perspective.

Son-of-man said...
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Anonymous said...

"... we've had three consecutive years of contraction. In economics, if you've had three quarters of contraction, that's considered to be a recession...."
Are we, therefore, in a depression? Can't be! For these are 'betta dayz'.

Son-of-man said...



A blogger described the State of the Nation, as catastrophic and presents substantiating arguments. I am of the opinion that Kenny and the small island states are faced with a difficult economic hand, to which Kenny has handled with a passing grade.

What is troubling however, is the suggestion that the Idiot, fraudulent, deceitful, bogus, iniquitous, nincompoop Allen Chastanet is the answer to the economic salvation of the Lucian people. Let me remind you grown Black men that you squandered the opportunity to present a legitimate alternative to Dr. Anthony in the person of Dr. Preville, instead you present TARZAN??

"TARZAN: A Savage Caucasian Man, Lord and Ruler of The Black People of St. Lucia" Let me add: TARZAN AND JANE!

"Tarzan a savage so-called white man, not a civilized Caucasian man. Tarzan, a half naked savage Caucasian/white man, dressed in Bloomers like the Naked White Jesus-God, who can't even talk, he had to holler..but he is THE LORD OVER THE BLACK PEOPLE OF AFRICA. That's the kind of pictures, that's the kind of cartoons, that's the kind of movies they showed to your UWP delegates, two and three and four generations back. This was done to condition your minds into believing that their cheapest (uncivilized) white man is Lord among your African selves and ancestors".

In 2016 Warner Brothers will be releasing a new Tarzan movie staring Allen Chastanet, Alexander Caros, Samuel Jackson and Christof Walts. Of course they will try to make it more "politically correct" to conform to this modern era, but never forget its true origins.

Son-of-man said...


Where in Hell did you people of UWP dig-up this sanitary Napkin called Allen Chastanet?

This man continues to be a public Embarrassment to the Country. First he told the World that the US Civil War was fought against England; Now he is writing his own meaning of an Economic Recession:

"... we've had three consecutive years of contraction. In economics, if you've had three quarters of contraction, that's considered to be a recession...."

This idiot Dr. Allen, who is now teaching the plantation Economics has now invented a new meaning for Lucians, hopes he gets a Nobel Prize in this "NEW" Economics. Please note how the rest of the World defines the recession, while Allen manufactures his own facts and definitions?

noun: recession; plural noun: recessions,

a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters.
synonyms: economic decline, downturn, depression, slump, slowdown
"job losses are symptomatic of the recession"
antonyms: boom
the action of receding; motion away from an observer.

Anonymous said...

November 15, 2014 at 3:56 PM - and the others like it, I cannot agree with you enough.

The country is heading for terminal ruin with the current set of thieves, borbolists and incompetents. Unfortunately, too many Lucians lack the capacity for critical thought and just follow the chicken and rum. The best thing to teach the kids apart from being polite etc is the capacity to approach issues critically. WHO is exercising power, in WHOSE name is it exercised, WHO benefits from it use and HOW are they held accountable.

You need to be able to change your mind. I used to be a 'party' follower but when you start seeing the same wrongdoing by your party as the others, and it is allowed to pass, you have to realise that you are tacitly supporting the wrongdoing and allowing it to continue.

A lot of Lucians problems will be sorted by having a proper judicial system, both criminal and civil. All property rights and the economic freedoms which come from them HAVE to be enforced. When they are not, like it is now, it allows anarchy to reign. I would actually go further and introduce some life sentences for carrying guns/murder twinned with some incentives for handing them in. It would make some fast progress on reducing crime. Also root out some of the poor performing police to give comfort to citizens that they are held to the highest standard.

Reduce the cost of government and spend the money judiciously to protect the environment, improve education and sanitation.

Another thing I have changed my mind on is globalisation. When i was younger I saw it positively, but what has happened is that we have become slaves to money because globalisation has hollowed out industries as the hot money moves around to the next cheapest place. There is no job security anymore, and there will not likely be an increase in wages for a very long time because market forces will allow your work to be done cheaper elsewhere. So what to do? It's futile to try and compete in the global economy, the best thing is to try and live within the bounds of nature first. If people could look away from the the crap you see on US TV, with the false aspiration, then things would be better. It's not a co-incidence that things have got worse in the last ten years with the rise of globalisation, Facebook, twitter etc. The more the kids see rappers with their asses out, see bling, see junk the more they want it. It's just more fete and not enough study. Too much bacchanal. Lucians could build a pleasant civil society without having to go as far as the USA/UK and all the expense of western style things. It just needs more self-reliance and an open mind.

Critical thinking, you see!

Anonymous said...

Whereas, I firmly believe that the current Minister of Finance is a rotten one, I am not at all convinced that his critic is in any shape or fashion any better. If the record of past managerial/financial management performance of this individual is anything to go by, as Minister of Tourism, I shudder to think the historical level financial mismanagement that this still telegraphs, if such an irresponsible marketer (pure empty showmanship and rhetoric)is given full control of the entire economic and financial decision making of this country.

Saint has never been in good hands financially, except for the period of "low hanging fruit", when the persistently stubborn structural weaknesses of this economy were completely masked by the "guaranteed preferential prices" for ripe banana fruit.

With that "independence gift" yanked from beneath our feet (Where was British intelligence?), the national social implosion started: more murders, more drug-taking, more gangs, creation of 3 (three) ghettos in the Castries area, real disguised unemployment with re-election party projects like STEP, and increased suicide rates in the youth and the adult population.

Son-of-man said...

Here are a people, taught from infancy that a Book which instructs them as follows:

Peter 2:18

Slaves, place yourselves under the authority of your owners and show them complete respect. Obey not only those owners who are good and kind, but also those who are unfair.

yes, the Bible is the word of God. A people without the consciousness to examine this Demonic Doctrine, handed them in Slavery, and recognize this fake/forgery is a poison. These Zombies, live and sleep Bible yet are so mentally demolished, they are unable to identify the demonic nature of King James' Bible. How then can you ask such Zombies like a Tom Tom to be critical thinkers?

Here are grown men believing Satan, Lucifer had sexual intercourse with our first parent Eve in the Garden, and captured the human being for eternity, unless God paid a ransom to Satan. The ONLY ransom acceptable to Lucifer was God commit suicide.

So God had to become a White Man and kill himself. God incarnate; to pay Satan with his Precious Blood, that these unstable Lucians like VIRGIL and Ricky John Wayne and Peter Josie, must drink his blood and eat his body - kidneys, eyes, legs, penis, and his anus - to free themselves form Satan's power. WHAT!!!? And you talk of Critical thinkers??

That's exactly what the Catholic Christians teach them NEVER to do! NEVER to THINK! God was killed on Easter, feast of the Pagan goddess of Sex. So if God died for three days the trinity was Father and Ghost? two? It's a Mystery, God only had one baby boy, was he a Sexist? a white Baby? was he a Racist? All this Crap and you think people like Wayne or Josie can lead you to the Promise Land?

CRITICAL THINKING?? JUST SIT ON THE WALL BY THE COURT HOUSE OPPOSITE THE CHURCH ON MICOUD STREET - AND ASK YOURSELF ABOUT CRITICAL THINKING. As these slaves pray and beg a Naked Caucasian for help and health, in the house of cannibals where human "body and blood" is consumed like savages.

Anonymous said...

To the blogger at 6:28 am. Yours is an excellent contribution which you classify under " critical thinking".

I agree and add that this brings us to a more fundamental ideological , philosophical and moral positioning that critical thinking for millinia has shown to be the truth and which Lucian's in their vulgarity have abandoned.
You alluded to property rights and also the borbol of these politicians. Theft by politicians whether legislative or outright criminality shows a complete lack of respect for individual freedoms and rights that created the vast wealth of the western civilization. These are some of the fundamentals of great societies and is not practice's by these opportunists and thieves plus their hacks that populated our political class.

Our democratic system can only work if as a people we follow the Judeo Christian system that made western civilisations great.
Therefore the vulgarity, sexual lisentiousness, economic theft, disregard for marriage, drug taking , sexual previsions are not just passing fads or proclivities but indications of a morally corrupt people incapable of functioning as an efficient and moral society.

Boujon Guiyave said...

Just supposing UWP won the next election with Ti chas (as one of the readers referred to him) not winning a seat will he still be political leader? The reason i ask the question is because I find this guy is not giving the opposition leader a chance to oppose. Its like every time UWP make a point of opposing its always chastanet doing the talking. He reminds me of Hilary Clinton who cried when her presidential election campaign was not doing well. That is spoilt brat behaviour and I expect no less from "god's gift to desperate St.Lucia.

Anonymous said...

Boujon Guiyave

Richard Frederick called it just like you, except he was more descriptive. Referring to what you described as the Massa-Slave relation, further identifying it as the Slave Master Willie Lynch syndrome.

Just observe how Chastanet humiliated King for not making obeisance to him; King should have been kneeling and kissing Chastanet's hand like the Tom Boy and the Apache Guy Joseph. As for Richard, he spoke without Chastanet's permission, and this Lucian version of Kim Jon ILL had Frederick executed by Firing Squad.

Anonymous said...

"Desperate St Lucia" says it all so what is your question?
Desperate times require desperate solutions!
If you have feckless incompetent clueless reckless people like Kenny Alva Pip, Ppp horray what do you expect a desperate people to do? Lol!

Anonymous said...

Why bring up that past tense buffoon Fredericks?
He dirtied politics for too long. Way to go Chas!

Anonymous said...

We are so naïve in that this man character is on the line as to whether he can manage our assets, can we entrust him with the wealth of our country. what are his past record, as with Air Jamaica, As minister of tourism, Will he continues in his lies as before the court, How about his election in trying to buy the seat in Soufriere after he had litten lamontagne at the foundation to spend on his campaign as well as pinoch at the Town Council. Can we stop, pause, think and ponder on these to see If he is qualified

Anonymous said...

Chastanet is probably not the answer, but God knows why some of you boneheads are speaking as if King has anything important to say. I cannot remember anything King has said of note, EVER. People go on about his humility etc, but the fact is, he has nothing in his head.

What did he do when he was in power? Nothing. What has he done since he was deposed? Nothing. Has he ever bothered attending any party meetings? No. He is a dead weight.

I repeat, Chastanet is likely not the answer, but at least he has some fire in his belly.

Anonymous said...

The ministry of foreign affairs needs to be revised. The current minister is a spendthrift with no damn vision. How can a minister take his girlfriend - girlfriend, to Taiwan on our taxpayers sweat and blood? How can a minister afford to pay UWI for girlfriend and son, buy two new vehicles plus build a $800,000 house for 'his mother' in black bay (higher mr. St. Hill) on a $8,000 salary? Come on St. Lucia, come on.

Anonymous said...

Add Ti Chas to mix and make it bigger and a more miserable and blasted hell hole? What a f-ing godforsaken country of idiots and borbolists we live in!

Son-of-man said...


I keep repeating, the worship of a Naked Caucasian, nailed to a piece of wood, with blood dripping from every orifice as the God of the Negro, has stagnated the cannibals in perpetual savagery. With the Lucian Negro like Jeff, Josie, Ezekiel, the weightlifter, making public proclamation of their inferior station as honorary whites, soon to have a white supremacist giving them his stamp of approval.

These Negroes rank as the number one in Alcoholic consumption in the world, justifying their Alcoholism as believers in the Bible where the Prophet Lot drunk wine and had incestuous relations with his two daughters, impregnating them both.

Genesis 19:30-38New International Version (NIV)
Lot and His Daughters

30 Lot and his two daughters left Zoar and settled in the mountains, for he was afraid to stay in Zoar. He and his two daughters lived in a cave.
31 One day the older daughter said to the younger, “Our father is old, and there is no man around here to give us children—as is the custom all over the earth.
32 Let’s get our father to drink wine and then sleep with him and preserve our family line through our father.”

33 That night they got their father to drink wine, and the older daughter went in and slept with him. He was not aware of it when she lay down or when she got up.

34 The next day the older daughter said to the younger, “Last night I slept with my father. Let’s get him to drink wine again tonight, and you go in and sleep with him so we can preserve our family line through our father.”
35 So they got their father to drink wine that night also, and the younger daughter went in and slept with him. Again he was not aware of it when she lay down or when she got up.

36 So both of Lot’s daughters became pregnant by their father.
37 The older daughter had a son, and she named him Moab[a]; he is the father of the Moabites of today.
38 The younger daughter also had a son, and she named him Ben-Ammi[b]; he is the father of the Ammonites[c] of today.

This is the kind of filth that has produced such notorious Fornicators, where some of these "honorable" men impregnated children while they were still in high school S.J.C., but stand before you today in their sanctimonious robes instructing you who are the Drug Barons, and how bad Kenny is, therefore you must put the nincompoop Allen to take you to Hell.

Unless you insane Negroes stop praying to dead people and worshiping a Naked Caucasian as your God, Shysters like Allen will always have you under their feet - and this is especially true for Africans like Richard Frederick and Stephenson King. How can you expect Allen to have any respect for you when you Kneel and pray to his naked Image as your God? Do you think Allen or Michael would pray to a Black African image that looks like King or Frederick?? they would start world war 3 before that happens. Show some respect for yourselves!


Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! Ha!
Chastenet makes me laugh. Mate thinks that the entire electorate is made up country-bookie dummies like the delegates in the UWP.

Going beyond the blather, de man has not put forward NOT even A SINGLE IDEA that is either credible or incredible to correct the errors of the incumbent minister.

He believes that if he makes a case against the holder of the position, this automatically makes a waterproof case for himself. True. This works for any ignoramus especially in idiot country, Saint Lucia.

But he is taking a lot for granted. Too much!

Like our thousand Bram-Bram geniuses, he has not shown the capacity to rub any two relevant ideas together to come up with a third that will address our peculiar economic circumstances. Where the hell is the credibility?

Anonymous said...


Son-of-man said...


Allen Chastanet caught on Video being deceitful.

Allen Chastanet is so, so, comfortable playing games with the heads of St. Lucians, he thinks he can say anything disrespectful to the Lucian Public, and they are so dammed stupid, they will believe him - tell them the World is FLAT and these "Jean-be-tas-scon" will say yes lord.

HERE'S ALLEN PLAYING THE ASS WITH THE WHOLE COUNTRY: Yet no one has demanded a public apology from this Shyster;

Kenny Anthony you were elected to represent ALL the people of this 238 sq. mile. Why have you as the Prime Minster not demanded Allen Chastanet Stop playing tricks and acts of deceptions upon the people of this country?? You used Claudius Francis to demean and make false accusations of "Hitmen" sent by Frederick to kill Francis, yet you are silent about this Shyster Allen practicing Black-Magic on the people of our island.

Chastanet hears perfectly the caller from the Bar in English, then hears the other caller perfectly in ENGLISH, BUT when the Lucian spoke in my mother's language, kweyol, the fraudster Allen suddenly became deaf, the caller is disconnected, while Allen insults all Lucians with any intelligence.

Kenny Anthony, I demand you show some courage by demanding that Allen Chastanet make a public apology for insulting and openly lying to all Lucians, by telling us the Listening device functioned properly ONLY in ENGLISH?? Here's the evidence Kenny Anthony, of Allen Chastanet insulting the people of this Country, and I demand you make him or Gale Rigobert apologize to all of us with a brain.


Anonymous said...

May the gods be with you Allen chastanet bring down the whole labour government
Give them a taste of the touch with all its fire

Anonymous said...

Kenny has fail all the youth there are no jobs