Thursday, October 9, 2014

Education Policy


Anonymous said...

If nations are making strides with R&D, why is it that none of the existing and potential leaders of the country not paying even lip service to this? Why? Is this much beyond their ken?

Charlee Montclair said...

Your conclusion is great (and i may add "booty and cleavage stare"fixation.

Perhaps adding a splice of James Earl Jones (the hugely successful stage , film and TV phenomenon) would appeal to wider youthful audience?

Who can forget the deep resonance and clarity of his unique voice.
Like my hero Churchill, James Earl Jones had a serious speech impediment. Moreover, like many black children he was raised in a single parent household (female).

His path to success (head of household who pushed an supported rigorous academic focus)- is a valuable appendage to the Churchill model--especially for our current demographics.

Anonymous said...

We need to spend strategically on the female education in Saint Lucia. And I am not talking about the reproductive issues but pivoting to S.T.E.A.M. (with a greater STEM focus) and to S.E.A. Home economics and waitressing are excluded.

Anonymous said...

We must also be wary of distorting Amartya Sen's ideas of economic development, the backbone of the UN's HDI metric, as an end in itself. Seemingly a neighboring CARICOM Member state shot up the leaderboard when free tertiary education was granted to those reaching sometimes dubious and minimal entry standards. That increased the value of the contributing factor dealing with respect education. What escaped some was the content of the courses. So they wound up with