Thursday, October 9, 2014

To Guyana And Back In Day or Two...


MR. "T" said...

earl who de "f" care?

earl please stay there.

earl the Muslim brother is looking for you.

earl stop plowing with the brother's better-hole.

earl ISIS will be sending they rip to you.

Anonymous said...

Mr. "T" if you're interested in Earl, why don't you simply say so? Stop hiding and just approach Earl, and tell him that you like him, and that you're hoping he would embrace and love you, and help you to fulfill your numerous homosexual needs and cravings. Earl is a gentleman, and you can bet your last dollar that he would not physically assault you, the way I would. Which reminds me that Earl just hinted at the House "Speaker" and Vincent Mc Doom saga. Remember Vincent, Mrs "T"? She's also a very nice person, and might be likely to accommodate you if you make a smooth, educated pass at her. After Earl tells you that he has never had bulling tendencies, and that he is too old to consider going down that road now, I suggest you check sexy, salacious Vincent. Ahhh, you would love Vincentia! BTW Mrs "T", my generous advice is totally free of charge. M ROBERTS.

MR. "T" said...

@ 12:12PM

I LIKE YOUR recommendation! thank you.

laughter is the best remedy.
I needed just this little tease for a very long time.

"I AM in de same party with you this time" voting, eating drinking smoking fuc543ing bull987ing juck.....++**ing
You satisfied now?

Anonymous said...

Yeah right Mrs "T". I'm not in De Party anymore. Don't you know that I left the Party after all the guys lost faith in me as Speaker, simply on that Vincentia Mc Doom escapade? After all, my love affair with Vincentia begun when she was a sexy, luscious 10-year old pumpkin, who was already giving the soup to so many little boys, so I decided to take my share too. But it's a lie that I was eating the pie since she was 5 years old. I'm in your Party now, where Stephanie is always so ready, and Dave the Rave has made me his bam-bam slave. So don't join the Labour Party! These communists have no time for us batty-batters. Leave Earl alone cuz he has no interest in us batty-bways. Please stay at home my Tee-Tee!!!! M ROBERTS.