Saturday, October 4, 2014

UWP Is Doomed .... Unless


Peter Thomas said...

Not much has changed in Saint Lucian politics since the exit of John Compton and George Odlum except the emergence of new characters from behind the scenes and a few crapoes jumping from side to side to get their share of the spoils that attract most to the game. Ask any of them why they are in elective politics and none of the answers will betray a hint of sincere altruism.

90% of them do not have the slightest idea of the nature of the country they wish to lead. If I were to ask all those who posture as leaders to conduct a SWOT analysis of Saint Lucia nearly all would present a poopoo platter of a document.

What will come out of a well researched and documented SWOT analysis report is a vision anchored in the understanding of who we are as a people, where we are at this juncture in our history, why are we at this point when all agree we should have been further along the development continuum, what will it take to reorient our development thrust, and what are the tools and strategies we need to employ to achieve these goals.

It is only the begining of a comprehensive plan that would entail as the writer suggests someone or group of persons who can capture the imagination of the electorate by properly articulating that vision and posessing the necessary intellectual integrity and capacity, the ability to command the attention and interest of the electorate, a firm commitment to these priciples, goals, and strategies, but most importantly their ability to make the electorate buy into that vision.

It is clear that the SLP administration is flailing and some might even suggest failing. The requisite talent is seemingly available but they are lacking the ability to deliver. The SLP is stuck in a development strategy that cannot deliver the economic impetus and sadly they do not seem to have a plan B. Theirs is a strategy, if one can call it that, based solely on the hope that the global economy will improve and Saint Lucia's boat will be lifted because of that momentum.

However, because we have done nothing to address some of the inherent shortcomings of the society and economy we will find ourselves further behind the eight ball when this time comes because the current administratione is not quite setting the country up for take off.

Anonymous said...

The long and short of it is that NEITHER PARTY has a team of equals, meaning, a core group of people (FIVE OR MORE) who can provide the necessary within-CABINET expertise, with the attendant skill sets who can lead Saint Lucia out of its morass of mediocrity and its hitherto untrained, dictatorial, business-, financially-, and mathematically-challenged, error-prone Communist Castro-type "maximum leaders".

Unless the electorate deliberately saves Saint Lucia by seeking out technically experienced, BUT VISIONARY people AS INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES, to counterbalance the TWO-PARTY lame-brained, decadent, narcissistic scumbags that we have been voting for decades on end, it's going to be just more of the same the next time around. No ifs, no buts, no maybes.

Son-of-man said...
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Son-of-man said...
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Son-of-man said...
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Anonymous said...

Excellent article in terms if its analysis of the players.
It is particularly good in the determination of the fecklessness, proven incompetence of the current players i.e. Kenny Anthony, Stephenson King, Rufus Bousquet, Richard Fredericks, Chastanet, Guy Joseph , and including the corruption of a number of them. The reality is St Lucian is and has been on a downward spiral since 1996 and these lost souls offer no direction or leadership.

The only problem is that the fundamental answeR is not given so we are left with the usual lost cause of choosing between the SLP or UWP.

Anonymous said...

The trouble is that when you say the UWP must 'discover its soul' that the average St Lucian and the hirearchy of the UWP have no idea what that means.Your description of the incompetent leadership mirrors the ignorant supporters and pathetic voters.
We have become an arrogant and ignorant people who have lost any form of intellect and operate on the lowest common denominator.
It is impossible for us to understand anything like philosophy or ideology or have principles. All you have to do is read a Facebook page as SLAP to see the poor english language and sheer ignorance to realize how far gone we are intellectually.
We are IGNORANT and ARROGANT and unable to develop as a nation.
God help us!

Anonymous said...

Lpm is the party I supporting now. I don't have time for neither slp or uwp.

L said...

The trouble with nearly all of these political analysts or commentators is hardly any of them are sincerely objective.

You don't have to scrutinize much to detect their bias or agenda. Consequently most of these commentaries are really political propaganda with interests at stake but masking as some form of serious analysis.

How unfortunate as those writers then have failed to deliver on what they were purporting and so leave serious political analysis still an untackled illusion

Amatus Edwards said...

The writer of this piece is spreading incorrect information. I guess if there were three nominees he would have written about 'three factions' fighting. He has forgotten to tell us that Preville and Chastanet are friends and will not castigate each other in public and will serve under each other. The entire piece is built on error - and must be returned as a erroneous piece....

Anonymous said...

Once a party chooses to use democracy to select its leader it will be labeled as disorganized and infighting....Oh dear

Son-of-man said...


As I read this self-contradicting article, the sum amounted to ( -5) + ( 5), “an infinite deal of nothing”. I simply found it easier to listen to Sparrow, instead of attempting to translate this double-talk.

According to the writer, U.W.P. will find “its soul”, only after purging its ranks of the people Clovis considers “Undesirables”, and who the decomposing John Compton incorporated into the ranks of the Party, and the Lucian voters chose to be their representatives.

Clovis completely ignored, or perhaps considers the thousands of Lucians who voiced their approval of Stephenson King and Richard Frederick with the ballad, as persons of NO consequence. With the likes of Josie, and Jeff, and Wayne perpetually insulting Lucians, did we really need this forked-tongued annalist Clovis to hurl another insult at the Voters of St. Lucia?

Boujon Guiyave said...

Spreading incorrect information? I don't know. What I would like to caution the writer about is his assertion that any leader we have in St lucia should walk in the foot steps of John Compton. Oh how wrong and deluded you are. May be I start by reminding you that you inadvertently admitted that Mr Compton has a hand in the current deep crisis within the UWP when you said the problem is one of infiltration. Remember Mr Compton was the captain then and so his judgement of character becomes questionable. I don't think you can ask anyone to be a poor judge of character. Besides you cannot ask anyone to walk in foot steps. The situation nationally, regionally and internationally were all different in the time of Mr Compton and now. I am sure you have heard the saying "history don't repeat itself"! In other words what Mr Compton did no other can do it sadly. The leader you want is one who can feel the national pulse and address it in a way suitable to our needs.


@ 6:03

where will you find such a leader?

the whole world has/going by the assssss every second.

pray to your god, call on Mary, say your rosary, confess your sins, give your soul to save your brothers, change government every year, every second, every 5 yrs. this will never make this St. Lucia or the world a better place.
No one will ever be satisfy.
Every St. Lucian have become a master and a consultant in every works of life.
we are the architect of our own downfall.

Anonymous said...

The Voice is quite obviously very activist in its support of Chastenet, and SNO on the other hand, is obviously the mouthpiece of the SLP.

Saint Lucia now, is between a rock and a very hard place. Doomed! Where ignorance is bliss....

Anonymous said...

St Lucia is f...ked

So glad I don't live there anymore
Making loads where I am running professional businesses

But you guys don't need our help

While you fork out the money for every white so called consultant who never makes a tangible difference in the end

St Lucia and St lucians who live there are the masterminds of their own disaster

Anonymous said...

Saint Lucians have sought hard to determine whether or not the politicians, their political hacks, their lackeys and their yard-fowls are lying. Over the years, especially since so-called independence, these have made it oh very much easier to do so.

Watch their mouths. If it moves, they are lying.

Anonymous said...

Any "analyst" who believes that the likes of Tucker-Bousquet, Frederick and oseph have any future in Looshan politics, should analyse himself.

Anonymous said...

They have a future because they have the constituencies who back these kinds of representatives. Please note that these candidates are truly representative of the people living and "working" within those constituencies, in every sense of the word "representative".

The voting public is not sufficiently educated yet, in all senses of the word "educated", to make intelligent and nationalistic plus mature choices. We have accepted less than the best AVAILABLE as the most suitable to represent us. What a backward country-bookie thinking people we are.

Son-of-man said...


This Necrophilia is nauseating.

“None of them supported JOHN COMPTON.”
“What class of people JOHN COMPTON saved.”
“Elements within the party JOHN COMPTON abhorred.”
“And with the death of JOHN COMPTON”

So, I could not imagine this annalist of would continue JOHN COMPTON's history beyond the grave, but man, was I wrong.

Preville was advising JOHN COMPTON in the Grave on how to defeat Kenny.
“No, it was Ausbert in contact with JOHN COMPTON”
“And JOHN COMPTON will confirm it wasn't Preville”
“So if UWP has to sell its soul, it would be necessary to follow in the footsteps of JOHN COMPTON to the Grave.”

Something is seriously wrong with you people, to be so obsessed with a dead politician, being unable to look ahead and plan for tomorrow. Instead you dwell in the sepulchers and graveyards of antiquity – you people are like that little Red Crab called 'Mal-Zhowhere' which lives in the graves at Choc.

Anonymous said...

Inadvertently the great John Compton created one particular problem that has haunted the UWP ever since.

By not nurturing a party structure or philosophy but having the 'hacks' like Bristol dependent on their personal relationship with John and each individual therefore focused on their own agendas outside the party structure, then they had no respect for the party but for the politics of the individual.

I saw it close up. Quite incompetent, clueless and stupid people as holdovers from the Compton era held sway over factions simply based on their personal agenda. Without the strong leader then everyone did as they pleased.
During the destructive feckless and drifting Stephenson King Administration each Minister was a king doing as they pleased. Again because personal relations with the leader were paramount and everyone did their own thing without a strong leader to put them in their place. Arrogant and ignorant they were like unsupervised children in a playground shouting, bullying and doing whatever they pleased based on what they wanted for themselves.

Lack of descipline, no core values has also been part of the St Lucian mentality during this period.

My view is that this can be partly blamed on the success of bananas in the economy from the 1960s.
An illiterate people coming from a simple background were suddenly thrust into wealth. The ignorance stayed but along came the arrogance of sudden wealth. St Lucians as a society no longer accepted values but just focused on wealth and money as the answer for everything. I can pay my bills buy a house educate my children so I am king and do not need to listen to anyone or play by any other persons rules.

As St Lucia spirals out of control and downwards we see this arrogance and ignorance manifest everywhere.
The poor English language in Parliament and on blogs. The corruption in politics, in the police force, in the civil service and in the work force.
The sexual depravity at all levels as venality and doing as you please becomes the order of the day.
The inability to think of issues based on core eternal values instead of just base needs at the moment. Hence the increase of prostitution in Rodney Bay involving young girls.

The problems facing St Lucia are serious and we only have to look at the corrupt crooks who we elect to Parliament as our leaders to see the immorality and primitive nature of our society.
All the values of a decent successful society are now irrelevant in this country and unfortunately come from the venality of our leadership. We cannot therefore create jobs or sustain any level of development as long as we keep people like anthony or pierre or king or bousquet or fredericks anywhere near power. The do not have any values for a society to succeed and represent and create the failure that we have become.

MR. "T" said...

@ 5:20 above I can see you are the sinless among us.

you have a plaster for ever sore-foot.

you are master-perfect.
you speak your queen's English grammatically.
you are a very moral person.
you get very irritable when any one make mention about Allan Chastanet incompetence.

you will be the first to admit that you are JUSES CHRIST incarnate.

you will be exulted to your massa's kingdom when he become prime mister, sitting at the right hand of you lord you god' amen.

Anonymous said...

We continue to kid ourselves that we are being honest and unbiased when we paint others white, by whitewashing their misdeeds. We don't see that we are being very obvious when we only see the wrongs in others behavior. For this writer Preville's exaggeration or stretching of the truth regarding his strategic help to Compton is to be highlighted. The kleptocracy that was the last UWP cabinet's membership gets no mention. What is that saying for the writer? Those that he supports in the party, walk on water and have halo above their heads, whether or not they were party to that kleptocracy? Where is the maturity associated with principle of the collective responsibility of cabinet? Some people have no sense of shame?

Anonymous said...

The country itself is doomed to living a life of prostitution as party hacks or as women who have no life other than being dependent on a several men at the same time for support. Sometimes that is in formal or common-law marriages. Otherwise, as carved out by the two main parties, an existence as a low-paid hotel worker.

Anonymous said...

The writer is one hell of a jackass if he believes that others cannot see his god damn bias towards Chastenet.

According to the turds thrown up there, Preville is doing great harm by wanting to become PM. Chastenet is not.

Preville has sinned. Chastenet is an angel.

Preville's greatest sin is his exaggeration of his contribution to the success of John Compton's re-election bid.

But we know Chatenet is the King of the Tuxedo Affair. Chastenet had difficulty with the facts of this case brought before the OECS appeals court. Chastenet wasted money on a consultancy that has not been tabled in the House. Chastenet paid for with taxpayers money, an airline, to ferry his hot air promotions of tourism. The empty seats paid for to Saint Lucia were called and defined as airlift. Up to now, burdened taxpayers do not know the cost of this financial waste and joke.

Chastenet's boxing promotion event was yet another grand comical tourism joke. But I am not laughing. I see nothing to laugh at. Chastenet also "streamlined" operations in Soufriere. Only the lower-level workers got shafted out of employment. That is called "Streamlining".

Chastenet could not control the riff-raff of the UWP who gathered at the opening of the bridge in Soufriere. The retards could not accept that this is the norm. The incumbent government gets to open and name completed government projects, even when started by other governments.

Chastenet, does he really walk on water and has a halo around his head?

Anonymous said...

Interesting thread of responses. Augmented with a slightly heightened level of literary form and appropriate discourse protocols, however, the insertion of timely if not balanced citations (even if to add color or counterpoint)remains illusive.
The typical sociological ills/complaints abound and oft anchored to "blame the incumbency".

It's OK to voice concerns , however, when writers lose perspective of the 'Gestalt" as in rehabilitation of the "national" or even island - wide fraternity, then the localized idiomatic expression "AWA, oui" rings true.

Consequently, those of us who appreciate good writing and share a profound sense of "whence my umbilical cords are buried"
cannot help but consider the authenticity of pro-nationalism implied if not inherent in the " texual chastistement' intermittently dispensed b the regular vanguard of SOM, Optical and Mr T.

They have been labelled as controversial , however, their spicy rhetoric never PUTS DOWN in ultra PESSIMISTIC doom and gloom - this island that is my heritage.

One writer mentions how he is getting his (riches are implied ) in the diaspora(doing what?) -
and will never return to this island (implying major put down).

What he truly exposed was self serving me -myself and I personalty.

This island has giver birth to many smart writers /thinkers- we need clever discussions that regenerate a sense of NATIONAL with synergy to and from our positively uplifting personal purpose.

May God bless this unique Simply Beautiful Geological isle.

Son-of-man said...

Instead of making plans to save the Island from the African Plague EBOLA, keeping talking COMPTON THIS! COMPTON THAT.

Texas Ebola Patient Thomas Eric Duncan Has Died, Hospital Says. EBOLA on its way to Jeremie Street, under the CDC.


hulla said...

@9:52 am oct 8 th
please don't make jokes about ebola.
this is very bad disease.
don't wish that on the people under the CDC

MR. "T" said...

THE SON OF MAN @ 9: 52
Greeting in the name of Allah the Magnificent the only Creator, there will never be like him. He is the A-Z.

Allah knows the darkest secrets and the hidden plots, and the plans that are taking roots to extinguish the life's of African(world's black population) from the face of this earth with the white man's biological chemicals.

(The King Alfred's plan)

Aids.....Africa? millions are perishing daily.

Ebola.... Africa?.....very soon will be in the millions and growing stronger.

Others.... Africa?/ African American?/ West Indies?...billions.

Every white person which contacted Ebola in Africa and was sent to America got cured within hours on arrival.
ERIC DUNCAN a black African who went visiting his relative in America and show no signs of EBOLA
WAS ok for a few days, until he started pleading with the angles of death to save his youthful-life from their death-water. Eric was making joke and as a joke no life-water was given to him but a one way ticket out of the white man's spotless hospital.

The only thing that can save us in St. Lucia from this death- plot is for Lucian's to be more submissive to our LORDS AND GODS

Anonymous said...

Given the dishonesty and lack of moral principles many of our elected and some of the wannabe elected leaders exhibit, it’s not that difficult to make a case that protecting the integrity of government may be something of a lost cause.

We vote for Parliamentarians and they do not read Parliamentary documents and come up with no reasons for supporting or not supporting Bills. Their presence in the House is a waste of time as they just vote on party lines most of the time on bills they have not read. They come with their bad manners, bad English and immorality to play 'leader' and collect a paycheck. We could pick up a vagrant on the street send them to Parliament and they would do just as badly.

They travel as much as possible to collect per diem handouts which they pocket and this goes on for every Minister.

They attend international meetings as glorified shopping trips and a chance to live in 4 and 5 star hotels and eat lavish meals while still being paid. For some Ministers like Alva Baptiste it is like being on a permanent paid vacation on the taxpayers money. Considering how broke we are we are actually borrowing money to send these clowns on these trips.

They have made decisions on expenditures from 1997 purely on what political mileage they can get from it or what personal benefit.
They never audit expenditures or go back to see how efficient was the expenditure but just spend more the following year.

Yet our drug (highest in the Caribbean) and alcohol infused population just go to the polling booths every 5 years to return the same jokes as we will do again in 2016.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:30 AM.

To add to that, they are past masters on what goes on at the poling booths on election day.
Can anyone explain the reasons for a candidate who historically wins by plus or minus a thousand votes, ends up losing by less than 5 votes?
Case in point, Gros Islet, SLP lost by 6 votes, with 143 ballots rejected.
Babonneau - SLP lost by 2 votes, with 287 ballots rejected.
Choisuel, the incumbent failed by 95, there were 240 spoiled ballots.
Now watch this, Castries South East, hello, your favourite Guy won, but there was a registered 303 ballots rejected.
Tell me how Castries Central could have 258 spoiled ballots and a 4.59% Turnout? who is to blame for what you got?

Was there no recount for some of the close calls like Gros Islet and Babbonneau? if not, why not?

Were some candidates targeted for the loss? this happens in most elections, but, don't tell me of no recount at a close call.

I no longer live on the Rock but I keep my eyes and ears close to the ground.

Anonymous said...

@ 11.00 AM.

P.S. Correction:- Castries Central, should read - 47.59% TURN OUT.

My bad.

Anonymous said...

Self-centeredness which permeates the political gangs is the island's downfall. If we at least had a legal system devoid of political infiltration and bias. perhaps the corruption which even the unborn knows exists would abate.