Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What de Gyals Dem Want?


Anonymous said...

I sincerely PRAY that this only depicts less than 3 percent of the young ladies of the country.

Otherwise; it just spells great DOOM.

In all of this; I ask; WHERE ARE THE MOTHERS of these young ladies?

Forget about the fathers for a minute. We know already that most of them do not live up to their RESPONSIBILITY.

But the MOTHERS (like myself) who carry these babies for nine months MUST SHOW THE LOVE. To save the country.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

They should neuter those POS, and those so-called ladies, better call these females, should be sterilized.

Anonymous said...

Because of political correctness and liberalism pushed by the elites in the Caribbean and by the media and academics we refuse to see the root of the problem.
The attack on decency and male/female relations is a well executed plan of progressives particularly from the 1960s.
It has worked very well.
It is the offer of freeness as freedom in our personal lives to capture votes for liberal politicians.
Free abortions. No respect for marriage which is portrayed as a prison for women. Unfettered sexual relations with no decency and the push for immoral relationships like homosexuality.Highest weed smoking and alcohol consumption in Caribbean and too 10 in the world.
The breakdown of marriage the biggest reason for black youth violence and the early sexual initiation of women and societal breakdown.
This was and is the agenda of liberals and progressives to get votes and power and pay and pensions.
The people worst affected are now women and blacks not surprisingly the very ones who most vote for liberals and freeness policies.
Blacks and women have been convinced they are eternal victims and are offered more and more personal freeness and indescipline to alleviate their plight. The result is an indecent vulgar downward spiraling black society from Chicago to Kingston to Castries.
Unfortunately our culture has been so twisted there might be no solution in sight with our 86% out of wedlock birth rate and generations of citizens already lost to the liberalism/socialism/progressivism agenda.
Caribbean people like their black bretheren are all liberals lost to an agenda of the elites.
It will only get worst as the liberal world collapses so expect more job losses more poverty and more societal breakdown for 2015, 2016, 2017 and beyond as the liberal war against Judeo Christian values succeeds.
You wanted your homosexuality - you got it!
You wanted your sexual freeness and indecency - you got it!
You wanted to get out of the shackles of marriage and being tied down to a man - you got it!
You wanted to freely abort your own children - you got it !
You wanted governments to tax and spend and run up debt- you got it !

Poor St Lucia!

Anonymous said...

As for the gangsters with the sagging pants.
That originated in prison by homosexuals to show they were available for sex with other men.
How low brow and ignorant have we become!

Anonymous said...

We, black brothers & sisters have yet to climb the evolutionary ladder like the white man.
They all laughing at us with our "rap" music, cheap "bling" garbage, saggy-ass pants! We're dumb and they all just love to see it that way. We need to grow up and evolve! and stop being our own worst enemy.

Anonymous said...

Spade them! Spade the sub-species.

Anonymous said...

The answer is here. They want POS as sexual partners. These youngsters have no redeeming qualities. They are just social misfits. The male scumbag that killed the father in Ciceron should have taken her out too. That would have guaranteed that it saves the society the trouble of having to feed all of her offspring who seem headed for much time in our jailhouse.