Monday, May 19, 2014

Be Aware!


Anonymous said...

The very best policing begins with COMMUNITY watch. The Bible tips its wisdom in support when it categorically asserts that we must love our neighbors as we love ourselves

Too often many interpret that the prerequisite for "my neighbor" is carte blanche access to do fridge walk ins or mealtime hanger on or oasis on a lime....

NO its an unconditional sharing of daily regards for each other - in the neighborhood.

The best neighborhoods have members who take turns silent watching and agreeing to pre coded means of responding effectively to perceived threats. Rumble strips to slow traffic are also a good passive deterrence that neighborhoods can share costs.

There are so many low tech low cost safe guards - but they all start with holistic community minded COMMUNICATION of needs and values. Sharing safety is a good neighbor policy and responsibility that pays exponential dividends -each minute.

Anonymous said...

The writer is very correct. St. Lucians must get real. Look out for each other. Life is too short; not to be at PEACE with each other.
Unite; love each other. LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER.

STOP the ENVY, JEALOUSY, EVIL AND WICKED WAYS; this is the only way; we can move up as a country.

Anonymous said...

Carrying a National ID Card or a Drivers' License at all times should be mandatory: it is an effective way to track criminals and potential criminals. The electronic strip on the back of the card is already in a data base; the burden is on the individual to identify himself/herself and prove citizenship.

MI said...

Great article, one of his better ones. There are instiutional problems that need fixing, namely the police, judicial system, forensics. Government needs to lead by example and cut their own costs and pass the savings back to citizens. Both parties should stop promising shit they cant deliver. Lucians have developed an entitlement problem as a result.

It is also a massive problem with young girls falling pregnant. Just as they reach an age where they might be starting to be economically productive, they breed. What life skills do you have to impart at 16 years old? You can't support yourself yet you introduce another mouth to feed.

Men who breed but dont pay their way need to feel the heat quickly so they learn to stop. Bringing up a child is a serious business and they grow crooked if not given the right example to follow.

All of this is common sense but Lucians dont seem to have much of it.

armchair anonymous said...

I am in total agreement with "MI". We have Jn our nation now, children bearing children, which is a perfect example of devalued family life. Grown men preying on young defenceless and ignorant girls who are vulnerable in every way. Further, it seems the social transformation ministry is ill-equipped to handle this viral dilemma. It might take a generation or two to bring this dilemma back on an even keel. It is a scary fact.