Saturday, May 24, 2014

Home, Sweet Home


Desmond Etienne said...

Nice, I like how you shared a bit of yourself in that piece. Great job Rochelle!

Rochelle Gonzales said...

Thanks a million Des. 💓💓💓

Clement Wulf-soulage said...
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Gonzealier. said...

Rochelle! I c u like Des. flatter?

is de split-teeth he like. lol

he want 2 remove your picture with no?

"you check it"?

Son-of-man said...

I truly enjoyed this portrait painted of this beautiful land, Rochelle - I could even smell the Soufriere fragrance-air that drifts across the early mornings, and known to only those of us who have spent the nights.

I truly, truly enjoyed this piece - I must admit though, I hate the name, Fair Helen". So, with all the beauties of the Sun, do you think this Island of beautiful black women can be given a fitting term of endearment?

Perhaps it is the naming of Lucia after the Caucasian Pagan Helen that has brought about the droughts and devastating weather and bad roads and financial problems. So I recommend St. Lucia to be named after this Beauty:


Rochelle Gonzales said...

Thank you very much S.O.M 😊 and Gonzealier Des is a close friend so I was showing some love lol

Anonymous said...

Castries & Marigot harbors from air or land Ditto -the bookends Cap point in the north and Moule-a-Cheque in the South-

The islet in Dennery bay and Praslin bay
and once upon a time the entire Roseau valley carpeted in green gold

of course the Pitons are a show stopper

What I miss most are neighborhood families sharing food on a quiet beach on a glorious sunny day.

And many were inter generational gatherings...too.

Anonymous said...

As a young lad working as a bus-boy at the Holiday Inn, and later at La Toc in the early 1970's; I couldn't wait to get out of poor, backward St.Lucia; then, I got a Visa to visit the United States, so on Friday the 21st of October 1977 I left for America; the greatest day of my life; or, so I thought.
Despite getting an education and making some money here in America, I truly regret ever making this place my home. I wish I had never set foot on American soil; but now in my late 50's, I find it hard to uproot and move back to St.Lucia. I tried it in 1998 and then again in 2005, and both times I end up returning to America.
Again, I am so sorry I ever came here.