Saturday, May 24, 2014

Custer’s Last Stand…Stubborn, Senseless, Failed!


DR. OPTICAL said...

Can I solve the plague of peter judas Josie's mind?

I will come against the rulers of the Darkness of the gods of peter judas Josie.

"Deliverance from grief and bitterness"
Repent-The first thing peter need to do is repent for being ignorant of the Bible (remember peter judas say he is a Christian?) which contains God's advice and for not following that which he do know; (that is if he do know his bible at all?) for wanting to or for living in fantasy; for blaming others when it's his problem too; for not trusting God and going on but living in the past; for the unkindness he have done to others.
peter judas Josie- Ask God to remind you of all those against whom you hold unforgiveness.

Forgive all (yourself-everyone).
Break your Curses- Rebellion, divorce, death, occult involvement, inherited curses, domination and bitterness.
Pray and other prayer (Dr. Kenny D Anthony)that will establish the basis for your deliverance from grief and bitterness.

PETER JUDAS JOSIE your black-magic, incantations, voodoo, spells and sacrificial offering of blood and flesh and all parts of the magic of the occult, it is evidently spurred on by demonic powers living within you.

KENNY Fear not: for they that be with you are more than they that be with peter judas.

Kenny put your trust in the Lord always.
No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall condemn.

Lord when all kind of circumstances come Kenny's way, and instead of him falling apart, help him to stand and say 'what shall separate me from the love of my God that is in Christ Joshua' move him to say. Oh God, Lord when the enemies 'peter judas Josie. jeff faddy and others' would assail upon me let me fear not because I know 'greater is he that is inside of me than he that is inside peter, jeff and week-rain.' That is my desire Father, that I might shine with your glory, that I might exhibit the right kind of testimony in the midst of my people.
Teach me Your ways Lord, unveil Yourself to me, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I. Lord that I could truly walk with you like Abraham walk with you, like Moses walk with you, like Adam walk with you in the garden.
O Creator Lord of all the Universe, let my heart desire a blessing of pure love for my enemies namely: Mr. Peter Josie and Jeff Faddy, and may You touch each and every one of all the people You have put under my care in a very blessing way. May You grant it Lord, I ask it for our edification in the Name of Joshua the Christ and for Your glory, amen.


JOSIE I truly believe that you were born from an incestuous union, so the curse is upon-you. Gen. 19:36-38.

Anonymous said...

Dr.Optical or Dr.jackass,Why don't you write your own articles instead of using the space provided for comments(which really should be used for intelligent rebuttals arising out of intelligent analysis of the article you are responding to)to write such rubbish.
There was the need to tell you this because it seems that you are not aware of the reason the space for COMMENTS is provided.
What a pity.

DR. OPTICAL. said...


I KEEP TELLING your mother to let me finish my schooling so I can write on this blog something of intelligent so you can't find fault with my comment.
But as you are aware of you family hard-ship, I had to cut short my schooling and enter the work force to keep you and her from starving and stealing.

O! by the way she is looking younger and well feed because of my every day hand-out. "You ungrateful bastard!!!!

Son-of-man said...


Who died and left you as blog policeman? you are perhaps the most ignorant imbecile born in Shitally, but what is most pathetic, it is your profound arrogance telling another contributor to this blog what he should write to please you. Don't you think the people who run this newspaper know what they are doing? O.K. I forgot, they are Jackasses and need your invaluable input to do their job ?

You have become known by your constant trademarked braying calling people "Jackass" while thinking your slave label Claudius is your name and contribute nothing of value - nothing! Zero!.

If you want something to do other than troll, try washing your filthy draws.

No one tells you not to write the ignorant filth you right, they just ignore it - again who the hell died ? Compton?


Son-of-man said...


Josie, INDIANS ?? INDIANS Josie ??

I continue to ask my Lucian brothers and sisters to expand their thinking, and think of what they were taught by the white supremacist. It is indeed a difficult undertaking in light of the history of the Native Americans and the Africans. My maternal grand mother was a Native American from Tow-why, Soufriere; an Arawak who married a black-a-Lucian.

I know that you are an incorrigible Negro-acolyte slave, who practice the worship of Dead White Men, drinking their blood and eating their flesh; simply cannibalism. Josie, really, is it necessary while writing opinions in this historical newspaper to adhere to the antiquated language of, and practices of your Caucasian-Christian Masters? Referring to the Native Americans as, “INDIANS”? While using Hollywood as your source of reference?

There has always been low-minded House Negroes who refuses to escape the Slave-Master's plantations. Such Negroes suffer an inferiority complex – hating themselves and any Freedom-loving Africans, so when the giant Muhammad Ali rejected worshiping a white man as God, Negroes oozed out of the sewers to prove their inferior station to their Slave Masters by pronouncing their anathematization of The “Greatest” Muhammad Ali.

With people like yourself and the weightlifter masturbating over Lucians, I would have given up on salvation of Lucians, declaring them an abandoned case, but being at one time like you are, a slave of white-male worship, baptized in that demonic place on Micoud Street; if I was able to discard this Doctrine of Satan after always passing R.K. at S.M. College, I know Lucians will soon pull down the statue of the Naked White-man who DYED to make them white.

INDIANS ??? you are one sick Relic.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Optical!
I see you and son of man day-gaje that Dr.jackass @ 6:24 am.

He and this Zeb worker judas Josie are from the same school.

Dr.optical continue praying for the prime minister, your prayer is affecting those malefactors both Josie and that Dr.jackass @ 6:24 have their grandmother's malediction.

MR. "T" said...

Josie Custer had a last stand!!!!

But you haven't any. lol

You dead bending down, kissing Allen's white azzzzzzzzz.
You nasty little house-nigger.

Anonymous said...

WOW! The use of INDIAN for the FIRST PEOPLE of the FIRST Nations in this Hemisphere-
Sacre Bleu! Peter even a middle of the road guy has to horn you 'YOU BLEW IT"

Acceptable usage:
Native Americans
First People
First Nation

Realize also that it is their spiritual practice of living in HARmony with nature that the world is desperately trying to revive.

Their ecological practices-now that would be a triumphant story.

Anonymous said...


thanks for sharing the "acceptable and appropriate usages to the Identities of the First Nations.

Anonymous said...

Well Said.

Anonymous said...

May 24 at 200PM your sentiments seem to better describe YOUR LEADER.

Ain't that so?