Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Citizenship And Investment


Anonymous said...

This is exactly what will put Kenny Anthony is a unique position to SINK this country.

Anonymous said...

Money Laundering ahoy!

Corruption to continue unabated.

Tricks of the trade increasing at an accelerated rate.

Do anything it takes to keep KENNY in power is Kenny Anthony's mantra.

And in his actions; to HELL with St. Lucia and St. Lucians.

A Bloody arrogant and stinking rascal.

Anonymous said...

reality is we have this smoky system already here = see OFFSHORE BANKING

Anonymous said...

"I've seen more programmes failed then succeed" says Mr.Kalin. "Belize passports became a synonymos for illegal passports. The Belize programm was suspended in 2002.
Other Example include:
*Ireland,closed in 2001
*Grenada,closed in 2001 but reopened in 2014
*Montenegro,suspended in 2010
(source = BBC News/Business/03.jun 2014)

Anonymous said...

The SEYCHELLES is a classical example of an economy going 'belly-up" as a result of the sale of passports for investment scenario. The country is yet to recover from the 1980s.

Think of the policy of the Kenny Anthony Government now wooing RUSSIAN Investors coupled with sale of St. Lucian passports in exchange for some investment; an offshore sector than has many ???? upon its head? Says a heck of a lot; right?

Time will tell. And rightly so.

This blend of policies smack of a DESPERATE; OVERWHELMED; heinous; BLOOD SUCKING and whatever all else is evil; about such a Government Administration which ever held the reins of power in this country.

Anonymous said...

The sale of this country's birthright is a VERY SERIOUS THING indeed.

Bal Fini; Violin en sac. We must stop this and say a collective NO to this Kenny Anthony madness.

Anonymous said...

Citizenship and investment? You mean voler, voler, voler. Corruption. corruption, corruption. We say NO HELL; NO.

Anonymous said...

This is the last thing we need in St. Lucia.

Another avenue for corruption; tricks, stealing, fraud for crooked and stinking m-fuc-ers of them politicians.

Anonymous said...

Citizenship by Investment is just another way of saying,

I am selling passports for all those who want to run their illegal trading and the ability to hide their true identity from the enforcement officials.

This is really what this scam is about.

And in the meantime, the poli-trick-cians make millions for their bank accounts.

We want no part of this scam in this country.