Wednesday, May 28, 2014

St. Lucia Woos ‘Butch’ Again


Anonymous said...

St.Lucia wants another Sandals or Beaches?
How can the authorities prevent this man from building over-water cottages at Pigeon Point, but now asking him to build more Sandals.

If Butch could get out of St.Lucia, I'm sure he would, let alone building more Sandals and Beaches.

Grenada and Barbados gave this man everything he asked for, but St.Lucia is playing hardball and hoping to receive more Sandals.

Anonymous said...

No more Sandals pleaasse. The only person who will benefit is Butch. Not the taxi drivers not the tourism vendors, not the independent restaurants...

One man should not have so much power over the people of St.Lucia. Lord forbid if Sandals closes it's doors one day. That would leave "half" the population of SLU unemployed. I know that is gross exaggeration but think about it. This is not good for the economy at all!

MI said...

As a frequent traveller to St Lucia from UK, I say piss off sandals.

St Lucia can't even finish developing the hotel that started in the south and is now a building site. Why do you insist on bowing down before that fat bastard hoping he throws you a few crumbs. You have enough hotels that aren't running at capacity so why build more? What about impact on nature? What about developing cottage industry so more locals can get a chance in the hospitality sector. Hotels keep the guests (and therefore money) in the compound.