Thursday, May 22, 2014

Minister Urges Students To Read


Anonymous said...

Very nice, very encouraging! Next, the children will be asking: what is Tourism?...then the teachers and parents can take up the conversation from there. Every government minister should visit a school, at least once a year.

Anonymous said...

The greatest leisure /academic habit any student should develop is reading.
Reading is most powerful.
It is transcendental on any and all levels.

One is only truly impoverished - in any sense if he she is illiterate.

Reading is probably the greatest tool that Fair Helen has made possible over the ages for her sons and daughters who have ventured across the globe in order to aspire towards excelsior- Amen

Our laureates are construct validity of this great gift.

Fair Helen's modern children have more access and tech ease (e-readers) to facilitate powerful reading opportunities, HOWEVER, they are distracted by inundated entertainment choices/ and other passive mental endeavors-

I thank my extremely low tech primary schools for the rich immersion and great mentor modelling of reading experiences. As a result, opportunities in the diaspora were amenable....amen!

Anonymous said...

The policy makers in our education systems are still interested in books and reading? You could have fooled me.

Anonymous said...

Aye! Get some recommended reading for government ministers too. That goes for those who have others doing their distance education exams for them.

Son-of-man said...


Something must be seriously screwed-up in the minds of the Negro who thinks it complementary referencing this island after a Caucasian as the apex of beauty - Oh, the Fair/White Helen. Brain-washed Slaves! Read! Read what? that the Caucasian Pirate is Elizabeth-ii is your Queen? Read! Read WHAT? The King James Bible?
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Bunch of Mis-Educated Negro Slaves of White Supremacy.

Pythagorean Theorem

Since the fourth century A.D., Pythagoras has commonly been given credit for creating the theorem in geometry that states that in a right-angled triangle the area of the square on the hypotenuse (the side opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum of the areas of the squares of the other two sides—that is, a^2 + b^2 = c^2. This is commonly called the Pythagorean theorem. (reads: a-squared plus b-squared equals the hypotenuse c-squared)

But the theorem was known and previously used by the Babylonians, Indians and Egyptians. The way in which the Babylonians handled Pythagorean numbers implies that they knew that the principle was generally applicable, and knew some kind of proof, which has not yet been found in the (still largely unpublished) cuneiform sources.

Son-of-man said...


Greek Architecture

In his book, “The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality”, Cheikh Anta Diop argues that even Greek architecture has its roots in Egypt. Proto-Doric columns, the Egyptian cliff tombs of Beni Hasan, were found dating back as early as the 12th dynasty.

Greco-Roman monuments are mere miniatures compared to those built by the Egyptians. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, with all its towers, could easily be placed in the hypostyle hall of the temple of Karnak; the Greek Parthenon could fit into those walls even more easily.

Son-of-man said...



Fathers of Modern Medicine

The Egyptians — not the ancient Greeks — were the true fathers of medicine, according to a study that pushes back the origins by at least a millennium, writes Roger Highfield, science editor for the U.K. -based The Telegraph.

Scientists examining documents dating back 3,500 years say they have found proof that the inception lies not with Hippocrates (460 B.C. -370 B.C.) and the Greeks, but in ancient Egypt and the likes of Imhotep (2667 B.C. – 2648 B.C.), who designed the pyramids at Saqqara and was elevated to the god of healing.

The research team from the KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology at the University of Manchester discovered the evidence in medical papyri written in 1,500 B.C. — some 1,000 years before Hippocrates was born.

Rosalie David, professor of biomedical Egyptology and director of the KNH Centre, said: “These results are very significant and show that the ancient Egyptians were practicing a credible form of pharmacy long before the Greeks.”

Son-of-man said...


Originators of Philosophy

Philosophy is a classical Greek creation, at least that is what we are supposed to accept if we are to believe prominent European scholars like Martin Litchfield West. However, the ancient Greek philosophers themselves gave the Egyptians credit for creating the discipline.

Molefi Kete Asante, Ph.D., scholar, historian and philosopher, said: “There is a common belief among whites that philosophy originates with the Greeks. The idea is so common that almost all of the books on philosophy start with the Greeks as if the Greeks pre-dated all other people when it came to discussion of concepts of beauty, art, numbers, sculpture, medicine of social organization. In fact, this dogma occupies the principal position in the academies of the Western world, including the universities and academies of Africa.”

“Diodorus Siculus, the Greek writer, in his ‘On Egypt,’ written in the first century before Christ, says that many who are ‘celebrated among the Greeks for intelligence and learning, ventured to Egypt in olden times, that they might partake of the customs, and sample the teachings there. For the priests of Egypt cite from their records in the holy books that in the former times they were visited by Orpheus and Musaeus, Melampos, Daedalos, besides the poet Homer, Lycurgus the Spartan, Solon the Athenian, and Plato the philosopher, Pythagoras of Samos and the mathematician Eudoxos, as well as Democritus of Abdera and Oenopides of Chios, also came there.’”

And in making my departure, commend the words of Bob Marley: Crazy Baldheads by Bob Marley with Lyrics


Anonymous said...

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Son-of-man said...




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Anonymous said...

S.O.M you're a pot calling a kettle black. You calling someone deranged when all you do is rant and rave on almost every article posted on this sight? U spew hate, sexism and racism. You preach those things on articles reporting positivity even yet u wanna call someone a lunatic? Why don't u set up your own private blog to spout your negativity rather than spoil the moods of everyone in here? Or is it that you KNOW no one would waste their time reading what you have to say so u ambush their attention on here like a silly child throwing a tantrum in the snack section of a grocery store? Snap back to reality sir and choose your platforms more wisely.

Son-of-man said...


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Anonymous said...

I dunno who it was calling you sob at 11:30...maybe it was clausius but at 16:16 i messaged you and i'm no claudius. I reiterate that you are racist and hate filled because you constantly refer to whites as devils. The whites today are not their ancestors who indeed are deserved of the title devil. I, like many am intelligent enough to educate myself about the truths of history like the fact that Jesus was not white as well as the ancient rulers. I'm also very informed about my ancestors and what they were forced to endure. I am beyond proud to be nlack and natural but i don't give whites the power over my soul by hating them...we are all equal human beings. Peel the skins of every race and we are All the same. I again like many am also wise enough to choose who to believe in and pray to just like yourself so i would like to come online and read articles an perhaps leave a comment suited to the actual topic without you forcing your views down my throat. A story of a man urging young black people to educate themselves and not be statistics or the dumb asses that racist whites think we are yet there you are being negative ffs you are no different from the pea brain white supremacists because you all let hate run your lives and continue to shrink your already miniscule brains

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

question for SOM

Are you in agreement with the religious decree that FORBADE girls to attend regular school in Afghanistan during the brief reign of the Taliban?

If so would you recommend said laws in a St lucia mosque?

Anonymous said...

Strange how a is bullet to cranium for speaking up on her right to an education

by religious leadership yet during religious rule the flow of harvested plants that are distilled into heroin never ceased....

Never read of farmers of said crop being flogged or chastised for knowingly being the supply end of the profitable heroin trade?
My guess is that the plant is sacred like coca to the Incas.

What is it SOM?

Anonymous said...

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