Thursday, May 29, 2014

HIV In The Caribbean: Science, Rights And Justice

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Son-of-man said...


What does H.I.V. Have to do with same-sex marriage? After reading this article I am left with the impression that the implied solution is the acceptance of sodomy as a natural and healthy practice. As per your reasoning this would eradicate the illness inherent in the use of intravenous illegal drugs, and the insertion of the penis into the anus.

Your statements only substantiates the fact that the use of the penis inserted into the anus in pursuit of sexual gratification is an unhealthy practice which destroys the human Immune System, leading to the eventual Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome(A.I.D.S.).

I am thinking that the elimination of the practice of Sodomy would be a more effective method of ending the scourge of AIDS. Instead your suggesting that accepting this decadent and filthy practice within the bounds of normalcy has left me astonished – more bulling – will eliminate the disease acquired by performing sodomy which you euphemistically call Same-sex-marriage? You must be joking, right? Am I expected to accept this as logical? Please don't insult people.