Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Community vs The State


Anonymous said...

If whatever goes on the acquired land is not in keeping with the government's own zoning regulations only a Kangaroo Court will let the government get away with this. This tends to happen in the writer's favoured socialist/commie countries. In this dispensation, there may be, with governments, one law for the Medes and another for the Persians.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Earl, you had your fight for the place you now call home. And now you pretending as if you not inform on zoning and the rights of the people. But then again, anything these crooks do is good for you.

Anonymous said...

Man I can not believe this is the crap you writing. "The state can do what it wants with its property". So that sweet deal of a house you got from your government in Vigie. Government can come and put a bomb house next to you and that's ok. What was I thinking, believing you of all persons would understand the needs and right in keeping residential areas just that.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! The Untouchables (using same class distinction of Ghandi's India) are moving in!
Dad do something the social outcasts are coming to dinner.
Prithee, my son, those Marxists are encroaching on our stupendous estate profits.
Ah, the lamentations of those who have inherited impermeable Victorian social class distinctions!

No wailing of Koumbaye at Coubaril heights.

Sweden's generous paternity leave and now highest minimum wage is a nod to Marxist intents.
Yet they remain among the most productive and peaceful citizens you ever meet.

Is any one type of economic order or style of governance -perfect.

Does any one style fit all regional situations on the planet.

Does any one religion satisfy (TOTALLY) your understanding of the Divine Universal.

The very first and deepest rebellion began in the loftiest of spiritual regions by a minority who KNEW and were on the inner circle of power, prestige etc in Heaven (cited in Christian holy text)

In order to create their own power subdivision they attempted to usurp the power of God by soliciting from among the legions of GOOD -converting them to seize greater power than was vested in them by God. In other words a coup d'heaven.

I wonder if the gov had a R&D office peopled by pinstripe/Saville Row bureaucrats instead?

Anywho here is comfort quotation from the household book of Coubaril enclave residents:


Anonymous said...

Earl, the residents of Coubaril will deal with the Government in the ballot box. That is always where a the ordinary citizen wins.

Anonymous said...

@ 4 37
coubaril resident = ordinary citizen!

who would deny an impoverished marchand resident entrance to a building in order to be processed for much needed social services....

some how elitist feudal landlord comes to the fore of the aforementioned equation.

Ordinary citizen you are not....

Separate is never equal..even the supreme court agreed.

WE serfs favor revolutionary types at the poll- do you have a land sharing dark horse contender- perhaps a neo Bolivar we can vote for?

So, how is the fatted coubaril camel going to slide tru the ordinary eye of de masses of landless denizens?

(Dem belly full but we hungry-
A hungry man is an angry man) by Nestor Marley.

Trying to sell greed to a starving populace will win you a Bolshevik stampede led by agile cossacks.

Anonymous said...

Earl you wrote all this to confirm what I had suspected from the get go when I started reading this poo poo platter - that you are out of your depth on this one. "I haven't read the DCA Act" according to you what that means is you as a journalist have just admitted to violating one of the basic tenents of journalism - DO YOUR BLOODY RESEARCH before trying to write to wittingly or unwittingly MISINFORM. It would have been more appropriate to write this garbage after this case had been decisioned so you can go on a rant in support of de partee if the decision went against the government. You should have deferred your decision to opine on this matter instead of being so blatant in your bias and confirm my suspicion that you are a tool. If the government had acted in the spirit and the letter of it's own act they would not have owned property in that exclusive zone in the first place and all that excrement you spewed here would be moot. I await the interpretation of the act by the judge just like you minus the emotional bovine waste you offered here. This is not the "have" vs "have-nots" issue you are making it out to be to play on the emotions of the gullible party faithful it is a matter of the rule of law. Let those who are in the know decide on it and let the chips fall where they may.

Anonymous said...

Just another SLP stool pigeon.

Anonymous said...

....well said @1:40AM: with all those abandoned buildings in Castries the gov't could have acquired a suitable lot to build upon such a facility with revenue creating shops and office spaces on the ground floor. But the question is: why this property and who benefited from the transaction?

Anonymous said...

...the vacillating Earl, flaccid bovine rod!

Anonymous said...

when a debate degenerates into , political flag waving or the saturday matinee (egas esalop) primal reactions to extreme physical cinematic depictions BUT never delving into the matter at hand -even with a critical BIAs-then you know the jowls of those who are chained to the trough oink oink!

Anonymous said...

What kind of government is so reckless. So the entire country can become a Ghetto; no interest in preserving areas for neighbourhood. And why are we acting as though Coubaril residents are not hardworking, taxing paying citizens who, like everyone other home owner, have mortgages to pay and burdens to bear?

Anonymous said...

You are not a lawyer so shut up your mouth and the loose thing that come out of it.