Saturday, May 31, 2014

Calypso Tents Struggle


Anonymous said...

Cancelled the remaining six more month of 2014. Let us go back into the year 2006/7-2011.

better days has not yet come.

Anonymous said...

Why was there a need for a subvention to calypso tents in the first place? Once you start to dole out largesse be it subventions, subsidies you are fostering a culture of dependency among groups who should be running these organizations to be profitable and self sustaining. When did governments got so generous with taxpayers monies? What was the economic rationale for this subvention? Once you get them used to these freeness you are hardpressed to wean them off it. I hope this is just the begining many of these freebies should go. If not all of them so we can free up money to close the deficit gap.

Anonymous said...

Why do they wait on subvention from Govt.? What happen to the rest of the year when they should be raising funds for the season?

Anonymous said...

kick these pigs away from the trough. They dont deserve or are entitled to a penny.

They have all year to raise money for their events and are now complaining that because the government doesn't give them any money, they dont make a profit!!!!