Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sports Imitating Politics ... In Decline?


Anonymous said...

True that Jose.

Anonymous said...

To use a culinary analogy, this was a sumptuous meal. I do understand your political satire and the "helix" of your thrust .glor

Since I have no political persuasion -except-the glorious idyllic of Helen as perpetual "Paradise"-can only enjoy the purely journalistic objectice within your articles.

Your previous article "Custer's Last stand" started with echos of a Norman Mailer but in your helix thrust to crucify the rival colors your lancers took on the Charge of the Light Brigade -only to spotlight the sacrilege of politically correct lexicon.

This time around , you get double bonus points for a fine recovery. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece and its ability to peak my curiosity about the sporting emporiums on island. Your political point and shoot did not take away from the purely journalistic elements.

You did such a great job in this writing that I was near tears recalling the serious intensity of a soccer goal keeper fondly nick named "Chor Tete". Oh how he embodied focus, professionalism, dedication. He was some cool cat and then some-in a classic / jazzy modality.

Thanks again for this piece.