Monday, May 19, 2014



Anonymous said...

If the government can't clean-up the boulevard, how can we then expect the government to clean-up St.Lucia?

It's time to stop this Jazz nonsense and use the money to beautify Castries and the communities around the island.

Son-of-man said...

The Industrious Merchants of W.P. Boulevard.

Here are a people capable of generating self-employment and in some cases employing several people, and by their actions support families, build houses and homes, helping M&C and Valmont to sell their products, keeping the people at Home Depot employed in a staggering economy, so why are these hard-working Lucians being vilified and threatened with poverty?

With the unemployment at 33%, 40%, the politicians should be thankful that these industrious people are not beggars and thieves. These people offer a service to the people of Castries; otherwise they would not be there making a living.

Now they can't sell in front of Banks? Banks that have no problems accepting their monies?? O.K. Boycott Bank of Canada! withdraw all vending accounts from Royal B.C. - Plan and Retaliate against these institutions who want to use your money but don’t want to see your faces. They are the ones complaining to the politicians they control. Enjoy this:

Bob Marley & the Wailers - Bad Card


Anonymous said...

That was a dumb idea in the first place to ban the Venders from ANYWHERE in the City core.
I think the best place for the Venders is right around that silly statue of the PAPA. Imagine finding a place for that ridiculous statue and not allowing a poor malaway to make a measly living to support their family. ONLY IN ST. LUCIA.

Anonymous said...

Vending on the sidwalks and vending out of the back of a car is wrong and should be banned. Just imagine if we all do that. What a mess.

Anonymous said...

The move was abrupt and disrespectful! The vendors need a shopping arcade but, this has to be included in a plan to revitalize the city of Castries.