Saturday, May 10, 2014

DCA Head Quits


Anonymous said...

Construction permits? Yeah right! Is that why we lost Black Bay in the south and the sea bed in the nofth?

This reminds me of Kenyatta's comments regarding the uncritical acceptance of developers' thinking. The native Africans knelt and prayed when the developers came. When they opened their eyes they were left firmly clutching bibles, but their lands no longer belonged to them.

We lost to Frenwell. We lost Black Bay. We are yet to recover from Grynberg.

Hooray to jackass government! We get a god damn ranking, alright. We still don't get any job creation or employment for it. Jackass thinking all round begets the stupidity of unidimensional thinking, if you can even call it that.

Anonymous said...

Breaching protocols?...ever heard of sanctions?...make them pay!

Mark said...

he sounds like another fella who has just been taking the salary and not doing anything.

I cannot work out why those who breach planning laws are not punished. Their errors are manifest for everyone to see, so why are they not knocked down or fined?

What about stopping prime agriculture land being sold for housing? Everyone is trying to be a realtor/estate agent and it must stop immediately.